Virginia Ann Hair Salon Lane Cove Art Deco Building is on NSW Heritage Register

Virginia Ann Hair Salon has been in Lane Cove for nearly 70 years.  Virginia Ann is located at 148 Burns Bay Road. The building is an art deco building and is part of the Burns Bay Roads Shops.  ITC has always loved the round windows.  In fact, the round windows are so impressive they were used in a Television Commercial starring Pat Rafter.

Lane Cove Buildings on NSW Heritage List


The Building was constructed in 1948.  Since the building was completed, it has been used continuously as a hairdressing salon. The original building was built by Mr Eddy Bollot and Mrs Bollot, they were both hairdressers. Mr Bollot was a barber and Mrs Bollot was a ladies’ hairdresser.  It was called Bollots’ Hairdressing. In 1955 the Bollots retired and they sold the business to a Lane Cove local Terry Pinson who lived in Moore Street. Virginia Anne Plunkett worked for Terry Pinson as a hairdresser for a year and then went overseas in 1969 to travel. She returned a year later in 1970 and immediately purchased Bollots Hairdressing from Terry Pinson. The name was then changed to Virginia Anne Hair Boutique. Virginia and Keith married in 1973 and in 1975 after the birth of their first child the business was sold to Miss Sandy Moon. The Bollots continued living in the attached residence and remained landlords until their death.  Virginia and Keith still live and work in Lane Cove.

Why is the Building on the NSW Heritage Register?

The Building was placed on the NSW Heritage Register as an example of postwar retail development during a period of rapid suburban growth in Lane Cove.  The windows are a great example of the P & O Moderne Style. It is seen as a good example of a post-war corner shop.  It features three large porthole display windows.

NSW buildings on NSW Heritage List

Lane Cove Buildings on the NSW Heritage Register

There are nearly 50 Lane Cove buildings on the NSW Heritage Register.  Many of those buildings are located on Longueville Road.  There is other heritage listed buildings on Burns Bay Road Lane Cove.

Item name Address Suburb LGA Information source
Carisbrook 334 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove Lane Cove LGOV
Coralynn 356C Burns Bay Road Lane Cove Lane Cove LGOV
Lane Cove Syphon Off Burns Bay Road Lane Cove Lane Cove SGOV
Mandalay 72 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove Lane Cove LGOV
Retail Building and House To The Rear 148 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove Lane Cove LGOV
Stone Walls To Street Frontages 274 and 278 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove Lane Cove LGOV


You can see the full list of Lane Cove properties on the NSW Heritage Register here.

Lane Cove Historical Society

If you are a history buff, you may want to consider joining the Lane Cove Historical Society.  Their details are here. The Lane Cove Historical Society is currently running a Lane Cove History Prize Competition.

The aim of the Lane Cove History Prize is to encourage original research into the history of Lane Cove and its environs, extending knowledge of the area and its people. It is intended that the research will contribute to an enriched understanding of Lane Cove, both past and present.

The results of the research will be published in the LCHS Journal and lodged with the Lane Cove Library Local Studies Unit for the wider information of the public, and preserved for the use of future researchers.

In 2017,  entrants may submit:


An essay (illustrated where appropriate) of 5,000 to 7,000 words,


An Oral History produced digitally as a video or audio recording on USB stick or disc of 30-45 minutes duration. This must be accompanied by a written transcription.

You can find out more about the Lane Cove History Prize here

Which Lane Cove building do you think should be listed on the NSW Heritage Register?


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