Lane Cove Week in Review – 27 Mar to 2 Apr 2017

Welcome to our Lane Cove Weekly Review for 27 March to 2 April 2017.

Lane Cove Council Amalgamation

The NSW State government’s remaining council merger plans were put into doubt after the NSW Supreme Court ruled the process used ahead of a proposed merger between Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby Councils did not accord with procedural fairness.  The Lane Cove Council (with Hunters Hill and Ryde Councils) is currently fighting forced amalgamation in the courts.   This decision could assist the Lane Cove Council Case.  This ruling did not seem to change the NSW Government stance on amalgamation with the Premier vowing to reduce the number of local councils in the Sydney.

GWS Giants Women’s AFL Team Visited Lane Cove

GWS Giants AFLW team members Aimee Schmidt and Kristy De Pellegrini took time out to visit the Diddy this week to provide some training tips and have a fun practice game with the Lane Cove Cats youth girls team and some other potential players. Lane Cove Cats would like to give a big thank to the GWS Giants and particularly to Aimee and Kristy for their friendly advice and encouragement.


Lane Cove Crowded Buses

Another week and more reports of crowded Lane Cove buses.  This is what a typical bus stop on Epping Road looks like during peak hour.  The roving reporter, who took this photo, also advised that the queue at the Interchange was long and went around the corner into Parklands Avenue.




ITC wrote a blog this week about the number of rats seen in the Lane Cove Plaza (the non human kind).  One Facebook Follower noted she had seen 20 rats in Birdwood Avenue.  A spokesperson for the Lane Cove Council called ITC on Friday and advised they were definitely looking into the issue and would come back to ITC next week.


Sydney Water was undertaking works around Lane Cove North this week and this resulted in some very brown water coming out of the pipes.  Sydney Water advised that if your water is a cloudy, a white colour, which turns clear after sitting for a couple of minutes, this means it is just air in the pipes from the repairs. This is safe to drink, the air will eventually go as more residents use the water. If it is a different colour please contact Sydney Water.

water in lane cove

Power Outage

About 4400 Customers suffered another blackout this week.  Ausgrid advised the reason for the power outage was a tree hitting power lines in the windy weather.


Crime and Incident Report

A house on Northwood Road Northwood was broken into on Saturday night. The thieves took an expensive chef’s knife kit. The Kit is worth $2500. If you hear of anyone trying to sell an expensive knife kit please inform the police.

A quite strange incident happened on Friday night. An ITC Follower returned home to her house in Riverview. She heard voices in her lounge room. She went into the lounge room to see a man and a woman sitting in her living room with their socks off looking quite comfortable. She did not know who they were and told them to get out. They left. The police were called.  Many of you thought this was an April Fool’s prank.  Not it was not it was reported to ITC by a long-standing friend.

 School Holidays

School Holidays are just a few weeks away and we have some ideas for you to keep those young ones occupied. Read our blog HERE  – there is something for every child!

lodge pizza making kids

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