5 Lane Cove Online Entrepreneurs

One of In the Cove’s missions is to help promote businesses of all types in Lane Cove.  That includes bricks and mortar businesses and online businesses run by Lane Cove locals.  Here are 5  Lane Cove Online Entrepreneurs you should keep an eye on.

The Swag

Say goodbye to limp veggies, slimy fruit and wilted herbs.  Peita Pini has developed a reusable fresh produce storage bag that keeps fruit and veggies fresher for longer.   Introducing The Swag, a non-toxic, environmentally – friendly sustainable machine washable, breathable bag.  The Swag keeps fruit and veggies fresher for longer. The Swag gives back several days and even weeks of life to your fresh produce. The Swag not only saves money, it saves time because you shop less.   You can read ITC’s article about The Swag here.  There is quite a bit of buzz around The Swag.  Articles have appeared in the Women’s Weekly, 9Kitchen and the Sunday papers.


Mr Lid

The idea for Mr. Lid came when Lane Cove Local Toni Bofinger was seeking solutions for her plastic container cupboard.  She was sick and tired of losing lids and not finding what she needed.  How many times have you opened your plastic container cupboard and the containers fall out?  Toni went searching and found Mr. Lid in the USA. Not available in Australia at the time she committed to making them available locally – this is how Mr. Lid was born in Australia.  You can read ITC’s article about Mr Lid here and there is a special ITC offer.

mr. lid

Curvy Lingerie

Curvy Lingerie was set up by online entrepreneur Wes Blundy.  Wes was aware that most bricks and mortar lingerie chains were reducing the number of sizes they carry to only focus on the most common sizes. This left so many women struggling to find bras in their size. A typical example is two sisters, one is a size 12D and another is a 14F. The 12D sister is in luck, because in a typical bra chain store there are 200+ bras for her to choose from. The other sister who wears 14F only has approx 15 styles to choose from, If she was a 20DD she might only have 2 bras to choose from. At Curvy, they are all about supporting and empowering these women. Wes’ background was in Online Retail so he just got started and hasn’t looked back!  The business was originally set up in Milperra where warehouse space was cheaper, however Wes moved the business to Lane Cove 12 months ago, as he lives in Lane Cove North and with a young family.  Wes loves being able to cycle home from work in 10 minutes.   Wes is a big fan of Lane Cove.  He loves the plaza, the Library, Mowbray Eatery, the walking trails along Lane Cove River near the Athletics field, Mowbray Public School, ITC, The Leisure Centre and Cafe Geo just to name a few.   Curvy Lingerie currently has a summer sale ( April 2017).  Check out their sale page here




Yes, there is a Balletstuff factory outlet in Lane Cove, however the business started online and continues to be an online destination for parents wanting to source quality dancewear at a cost effective price.  Local mum Alison Bird started www.balletstuff.com.au when her youngest girl was born. It was a small online website, working from Alison’s spare bedroom. The concept was to offer dancewear that was more reasonably priced for little girls (under 10’s) because there was nothing in between the Target Jiffies and Bloch, as Alison found out one day trudging around Chatswood looking for a pair of ballet shoes for a 4 year old.   Alison found out that there were a lot of mums like her, who didn’t want to pay the Bloch prices for their little girls to try ballet, not knowing if they would go back next term. The business grew slowly and after a couple of years they couldn’t move around the boxes that had filled our house. So three years ago they opened a shop in Lane Cove to offer retail and to have somewhere to store their  stock.  You can read our article on Alison and Balletstuff here.


Maria Nicola – Designer of the Ten Way Necklace

You know you have a good idea when one of the Sharks from Shark Tank offers to fund your idea.  This is exactly what happened to Maria Nicola!  Maria has always loved jewellery.  Maria has been in the jewellery industry for over 20 years and has done everything from hand making and designing jewellery, guest speaking at jewellery styling events, jewellery styling for women to even writing a book.  However Maria’s passion has been designing versatile jewellery for busy women.  Maria takes great delight at seeing women’s faces light up when they see the 10 Way Necklace and Crystal Tassel transform into jewellery that will take them from day to night.  You can read our article on Maria here.

maria nicolae

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