Lane Cove Council Revisits the Pottery Green Car Parking Suggestion

You may recall that when the Little Street Car Park was being developed, the Lane Cove Council suggested using part of Pottery Green as a carpark.  This suggestion was met with considerable opposition by Lane Cove Residents.  The Lane Cove Council is currently seeking community feedback on parking options while the Rosenthal Avenue car park is redeveloped.  One of the suggestions in their community survey is for Pottery Green to be used for car parking.

The Rosenthal Avenue Car Park Redevelopment is expected to begin next year. The project will create a new public area providing more open space in the Lane Cove village as well as 500 underground car parking spaces. Sitting at ground level the new park and open space will include park areas, playgrounds, BBQs, a village green and stage.

Pottery Green Car Parking
Source: Lane Cove Council

Council recently held workshops with businesses and residents to help capture their ideas and solutions for managing changes during the project’s construction period.   Lane Cove  Council has now released a survey seeking further feedback on the development and the construction stage. The survey includes proposed options to assist during the interruption to car parking around the Rosenthal Avenue precinct. The most useful suggestions will be feasibility tested by Council prior to implementation.  One of those suggestions is parking on Pottery Green (see below)

Source: Lane Cove Council
Source: Lane Cove Council

Pottery Green is a beautiful space used by many people.  Today, it was used by the Lane Cove Public School for its Kindy to Year 2 Sports Carnival.  It is also used for soccer practice, outdoor fitness training and many more activities.  Due to its flat nature, many kids have learned to ride their bike on pottery green.

Pottery Green lane Cove
Soul Fitness Enjoying Pottery Green

ITC is sure that the Lane Cove Council will tell you that it would  only be a temporary solution.  But once you pave paradise and put up a parking lot, it is hard to go back.  ITC remembers going to school in a temporary demountable building – only to find that it was there 20 years later!!!.  Temporary solutions have an uncanny knack of becoming permanent solutions.

So what can we do to ensure that this proposal is knocked on the head pronto?  
Complete the online survey by 5pm on Thursday 10 November 2016.

The Rosenthal Avenue development looks amazing – but it should not come at the expense of pottery green.  It is also important to support local business while the construction is taking place.   Rosenthal Avenue car park is always the most difficult car park to find parking in.  Recently ITC took a trip to each car park in Lane Cove and it was super easy to find a spot in the Little Street Car Park.  You can read about our adventures here,


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