Lane Cove’s New Hidden 200 Spot Car Parking Area

Little Street Car Park Entrance

Recently Lane Cove Council opened the Little Street Car park. This adds 200 new car parking spots in Lane Cove. It seems the message has not been received by the general public.

The problem is if you blink you can miss the entrance. ITC told Mr ITC to use the new car park when he was at the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre, he came home and told me he could not find the car park. The entrance to the car park  is difficult to see. It is located in a building still under construction. The tip is to drive slowly.

How to Access the Car Park?

You enter the carpark via Little Street. The entrance is just opposite the pool. You CANNOT access the car park from Little Lane.


little street car park entrance

What do I pay to use the Little Street Car Park?

The fees are the same as the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park. It is 3 hours free parking. There is also the dreaded boomgate ticketless parking system. One of the problems with the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park is the cameras fail to take a picture of your number plate on entrance and this creates a problem when you leave. This car park has a boomgate at the entrance. This stops you from entering until a picture is taken of your number plate.

little street car park fees

Is it hard to get a park?

Today at lunchtime the car park was nearly empty.

Little Street Carpark at lunchtime ground floor little street car park lunch time

Contrast this with the Woolworths Lane Cove Car Park (this picture was taken 10 minutes before the above pictures of the Little Street Car Park)

Lane Cove Market Square at Lunchtime

If you are thinking of using the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park, you may want to think again and use the Little Street Car Park.

It is close to the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre, Iris & Lin, The Longueville Hotel, The Foot Group, Flex Hearing and the Laughing Ganesha or L’Italliano Cucina


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  1. Why on earth have they marked the spots front end in? It’s far more dangerous for drivers to reverse out of a spot than to drive forwards out of a spot, particularly when so many people in the area drive massive 4WDs.

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