Finding a Parking Spot in Lane Cove

parking in lane cove

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a parking spot in Lane Cove. ITC has literally driven around the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park five times to nab a spot near the shops.

The question we need to ask –  is it really all that difficult to get a parking spot in Lane Cove or is it just perceived to be too difficult? The ITC team thought they would do an extremely scientific experiment to decide if parking in Lane Cove was too difficult. We conducted this experiment on Monday 31 October 2016 between 12pm and 1pm. Each time we set off to look for a car parking spot we started at the set of lights near the Library and Via Napoli.

You can follow our adventures below as the ITC team navigate three car parks in Lane Cove. You will note that we did not attempt to use the Coles Car Park.  Call us chicken, but the ramps in Coles Car Park are so narrow that even Captain Risky would think twice about using that car park.

Please excuse some of our Thelma and Louise moments (like navigating the speed bumps at Lane Cove Market Square car park). However, our in-depth examination has revealed the easiest place to park in Lane Cove is the 200 space car park in Little Street. ITC has never had an issue finding a parking spot in the Little Street Car Park.

Market Square Car Park

Rosenthal Avenue Car Park

Little Street Car Park

Unless you are doing a big grocery shop, the Little Street Car Park is conveniently located. You just take the lift to ground floor, cross the pedestrian crossing and then go into the MLC building and use that lift. You pop out not far from Pottery Green Bakers. Here is how you can quickly access the car park from Longueville Road.

What is your experience?  Which car park do you prefer?


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