Lane Cove Council is Promoting Street Libraries

A Street Library is where people share, leave and take books (for free).  It is a place where you meet fellow book lovers.  It’s also a way to ensure books are reused and recycled.

The Street Library movement has been gathering momentum for a while.  A not for profit organisation called Street Library has created a register of street libraries.

One Lane Cove street library is registered on their list.  It is located in Longueville on the corner of Stewart and Dettmann Avenue.  Find out more here.  It is lovingly nicknamed the Tardis (you can see from our cover photo why this is an appropriate name). The list of Lane Cove Council street libraries are here.

Another “street library” is located in Nibu Café.  Nibu Café is located in the Village Shopping Centre.  This street library was created by Lane Cove local Em Patterson.

Lane Cove Council has installed two street libraries in Lane Cove.  You can find these Council-initiated libraries at Yorks Corner, Riverview and Helen Street Reserve, Lane Cove North.

These mini wooden houses hold books that you are able to donate, borrow and/or swap. And it’s free! There are no associated fees or memberships to use Street Libraries. The Libraries aim to celebrate a sense of community, create opportunities for neighbourly connection and encourage literacy skills.

Each Street Libraries have a local Custodian who will be the local hero and caretaker of a designated Library. They are responsible for promoting the Library to the local community, keeping the Library clean and tidy, and communicating any issues to the Council representative. Council provides and maintains all functional equipment, initial book stocking.

To suggest a future location or become a local supporter who helps to monitor the libraries, email [email protected].


Do you know of any other street libraries in Lane Cove? Would you use a street library?


The Nibu Crew in front of the Street LIbrary wearing aprons that are made from the same material as first-class QANTAS seats – read more here.

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  1. I am constructing Street Libraries in my workshop on my balcony. I have installed 4 for friends and have one more on order. I am currently making 5 for my Landlord, Link Housing. My approach, as an architect, is that I am building small pieces of public infrastructure. They are much more solidly built than the ones supplied by the website. One survived a large tree falling on it in the storm on Sunday 9th February.

    Good on you for promoting them. John Murray