Evolvere Creates the Mother’s Village

Have you heard about Evolvere?

Evolvere offers high quality student focused pilates, yoga and barre classes for both men and women. For pre and post natal students, they offer specialized classes for women to nurture, strengthen and evolve throughout this time in their lives.  Evolvere has become one of the go to places for mothers and bubs so it made sense to create the Mother’s Village.

What is Mother’s Village?

Mother’s Village at Evolvere in Lane Cove is open to All New Mums and their Newborn Babies. At some stage every Mum feels a little lonely and isolated and challenged to the core. She seeks support and ways on how to connect with like minded Mums, but the Mother’s groups and Play groups may not be her scene or she needs more support. This is the reason Evolvere created Mother’s Village! Gentle, nurturing, supportive, environment that New Mothers need, to truly flourish.

What to expect?

  • Mother’s Village sessions are facilitated by Nina, a lovely postnatal doula.
  • A welcoming, supportive group of mothers.
  • An open, safe place to share your strengths and struggles and to both offer and receive support when and where your capacity reflects it.
  • Circle of similarly minded mums wanting to parent with a growth mindset, from a place of compassion.
  • The opportunity to learn simple and practical skills you can use in your daily life to feed your own and your babies ultimate wellbeing.
  • Friendships, good tea: your 21st Century Village.

Gentle code of conduct

Mums attending Mother’s Village:

  • Agree with our intention to support each other
  • Acknowledge the delicate nature of some of the topics that may arise and agree to hold each others confidentiality
  • Agree to hold no judgement
  • Agree to respect each other’s (and our own) individual journeys, experiences and milestones

Who will love this?

All New Mums who are looking to connect with their Village.

What to bring?

  • All of baby’s needs
  • Baby carrier
  • Any questions or concerns
  • Time for tea after!


What is a Postpartum Doula?

It is our job to be with the mother so she can be the best mother she can be! Our offering depends directly on what the mother is looking for in her postpartum period (usually the first 6 weeks following birth, but really the rest of her life). Before baby is born Evolvere meets with you and makes a plan about your needs in the first 6 weeks and how you would like to best be supported during this time. That might include preparing nourishing meals for mum and / or family. It may include massage of mum and baby. It will include listening to mum and offering gentle guidance on how she can comfortably step into her new role as a mother of one, two or whatever it may be as each birth and each baby is very different. It will always include lots of love, patience and encouragement. Also, the importance of building community and some ways to start that. Ultimately we want mum to learn to understand her new needs and the needs of her baby. To learn what she needs to feel safe and supported and to articulate this clearly to those who can help her. She will be building her community / village where she can receive nurture and nourishment and this is where mothers village comes in!!

Want to join in, but have more questions?

Contact Evolvere prior to beginning any practice, so Evolvere can discuss any concerns and answer your questions. BOOK NOW

Evolvere Contact Details

Address: Suite 1, 2 Austin Street, Lane Cove (above Via Napoli)
Website: www.evolvere.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0403 294 824
Facebook: @evolverepilatesyogabarre
Instagram: @evolvere_pilates_yoga_barre/

Mum and Bub Aqua Classes at Lane Cove Physio

There are also other activities new mums may want to join such as Mums and Bubs aqua classes at Lane Cove Physio.

Lane Cove Physiotherapy Centre is now offering Mums and Bubs classes run by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Starting at 6-8 weeks post birth, it is a great chance for mothers to begin strengthening post-partum as well as allowing their baby to become familiar in the water.

Ttwice weekly classes offered.

Monday 1pm, Friday 11am.

Please call Lane Cove Physio on 9428 5772 to book in/for more information.

Lane Cove Information

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