6 Informative Tips For Mums to Be from Lane Cove Experts

We’ve teamed up with some of Lane Cove’s most knowledgeable to give you 6 informative tips when it comes to navigating pregnancy. You focus on those food cravings and we’ll do the rest!

Local yoga, pilates and barre studio, Evolvere, shares their passion about how to care for your body through pregnancy. Founder, Tatiana says ‘Every pregnancy is different and every woman feels different during her pregnancy physically and emotionally. We know the female body is amazing, intuitive and goddess-like, but at some stage your amazing body starts to become a little heavier and little slower as you pour all of your energy into creating your baby. Regardless, you want to be moving throughout your pregnancy to ensure you are preparing your body for the months and challenges ahead. However you decide to be active, you want to ensure it is safe, pregnancy related and engaging.’

Tip One: Build Strength & Endurance, by Evolvere

Specialized pregnancy yoga and pilates is here for this very reason! To build strength, endurance and create space for your growing baby. To help you prepare for the birth, learn important breathing and relaxation practices and embrace the flow of your emotions.

Evolvere has bespoke classes to ensure your pregnancy exercise meets your expectations, your limits and your desires. At the beginning of each practice they will sit down with you, talk about your expectations, any plans you may have, the importance of relaxation and precautions for safety for each trimester.

Reasons why a combination of Yoga + Pilates will benefit you and your pregnancy:

  • It’s all about you, gorgeous! Both pregnancy yoga and pilates are bespoke. Gentle enough for you start from 12 weeks (with the advice of your health care professional) and support the physical and emotional changes you are going through.
  • I’m crying at the Huggies ad! Breathing and movement can significantly reduce the risk of peri and post-natal depression and help bring you to your emotional, physical and mental peak.
  • Ouch! My back! The combination of strength training and stretching will ease sciatic nerve pain and lower back pain.
  • Another hormone! During pregnancy, your body releases a hormone called ‘relaxin’ that helps your body to soften and become more prone to overstretching especially in your ligaments and tendons. As experts in our field, how you exercise is our priority. We will guide you in a safe practice, always.
  • Let’s do this! Endurance challenging exercises are designed to mirror the contractions and provide space for practicing focus and correct breathing
  • Let’s connect! A dedicated practice of deep breathing is one of yoga’s main tools of discovery and connection. Benefiting strong connections between you, your partner and your baby as you enter life-changing parenthood.
  • Breath through it – you’ve got this and we’ve got you! Benefits of deep breathing in yoga carries on following the birth of your baby. Breath is functional and used to tone your pelvic floor into peak condition and energises you to adjust to the demands of a newborn (even until Toddler years!)



Tip Two: Weightless Exercise by Lane Cove Physio

It’s recommended [1] that women with uncomplicated pregnancies should engage in at least 20-30 minutes of exercise per day on most, if not all days[2]. Physical activity in pregnancy has minimal risks and has been shown to benefit most women.

Lane Cove Physio offers Aquatic Natal (hydrotherapy) classes for pregnancy.  Facilitated by a trained Physiotherapist with a special interest in women’s health, classes are conducted in a beautifully warm 35 degree indoor hydrotherapy pool.

Hydrotherapy for pregnancy is one way for expecting mothers to enjoy the benefits of exercise in a safe, weight-reduced and relaxed environment. The class includes a series of strengthening and cardio exercises specific for pregnancy. With no more than 6 participants per class, exercises are personalised to the abilities of the participants.

Benefits of Aquatic Natal classes include:

  • Improving or maintaining physical fitness
  • Weight management, improving circulation, fluid retention and swelling
  • Reducing and managing pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain
  • Reducing the risk of gestational diabetes in some populations
  • Assisting in controlling blood pressure
  • Enhancing psychological wellbeing
  • Promoting relaxation and improving sleep

Read more here about these classes.


Tip Three: Nourishing your body inside and out! By Body Fusion, Lane Cove Dietitians

When you’re pregnant, it is vital to fuel your body with nutrient dense foods and hydrate appropriately across the day.

Local Dietitians and Nutritionists Body Fusion recommend the following:

Stay Hydrated

Up to 70% of the human (adult) body weight is water. Maintaining hydration across the day, especially during this summer heat is crucial to prevent complications, including constipation, urinary tract infections (UTI’s), fatigue, cramping, lack of concentration and performance across the day and or during exercise. Especially during pregnancy, hydration is even more important for you and baby’s health!

Achieving adequate hydration is important to:

  • help transport oxygen and nutrients to body cells, tissues and organs
  • aid in digestion (especially, helping to reduce indigestion during pregnancy)
  • help to flush waste (even baby’s)
  • maintain thermoregulation (internal body temperature control)
  • keep bowels regular

Fluid intake is highly individualised, however according to the National Health and Medical Research Council NRV’s (Nutrition Reference Values), 1.5-2.0L (about 6-8 glasses) is recommended per day for the average adult and for pregnant women, a little more 9-10 glasses. Having small amounts of water often across the day ensures you’re continually topping up and prevents fluid load on the body. Setting a timer, having a glass after each meal or carrying an insulated bottle with you everywhere can be a healthy way to remember! Sparkling water, fresh lemon, lime or mint can be great additions to “spicing it up”, or try the hot/cold infusions by Twining’s!

How do I know I am hydrated? A great indicator to keep track of your hydration status is the colour of your urine, aiming for a light yellow, clear colour.

Check out more on pregnancy nutrition here!

Sports nutrition body fusion

Tip Four: Build your Village and connect with other Mothers

Once your baby has arrived you’ll begin to find you have so many more questions than you ever before! Does anyone else have this problem? Is my baby the only baby that does this? Should I be doing this? No matter your question, there is probably someone else going through the same thing. Introducing the Lane Cove Early Childcare Centre (LCECC) – and let me speak on behalf of other Lane Cove Mothers … they are amazing! Recently refurbished and is located opposite the Library, the LCECC is a safe, calm and welcoming space for Mothers, babies and families.  Once you’re allocated your Mother’s Group you will meet at the LCECC for the first 4 weeks, each week an informative session with one of the Midwives followed by a much needed coffee date with the other Mothers!

Building your village before you have your baby is also recommended. Evolvere holds pre-natal classes for you and couple workshops that allow you to meet expecting parents. Your village will become vital to you, your partner and your baby, with many children attending childcare in Lane Cove as they get older.

Evolvere also host an array of acivities for ‘Mums and Bubs’ and partner with Mumz Club for Mums and Bubs classes and post natal classes for you.

Tip Five: Safety

Safety for you and your baby is the key take out from this article. From pre-natal to your post-natal health and wellbeing. Lane Cove is surrounded by friendly, knowledgeable and experienced professionals to ensure you, your baby and family are cared for, holistically.

Whilst talking about safety, don’t leave child restraint for your car to the last moment. Lane Cove Council has some good information on this on their website.  If this is your first baby you may want to have the car seat installed during the free safety checks held regularly by LCC.

Baby Brain!

We hear you Mumma! Here are the key take outs for you to remember:

  1. Explore safe exercise for your pre and post natal journeys. Evolvere has your covered for safe, relaxing and precautionary exercise per trimester (don’t forget there are 4 trimesters!).
  2. Don’t let your partner miss out … Evolvere holds Couples Workshops to empower you as a team in preparation for this new chapter.
  3. Try to achieve 20 – 30 minutes of exercise a day. You can intertwine regular exercise with yoga, pilates and hydrotherapy exercise to ensure you are at your physical and mental peak during this time.
  4. Stay hydrated! Try to drink 9 – 10 glasses of water a day and flush out all the toxins .. for you and your baby.
  5. Build your village. The whole family will benefit from this one. Midwife advice, lactation advice, coffee dates, late night texts, recommendations – the list goes on! Mental health and wellbeing is vital when a newborn enters your life, and who knows, your village may last a lifetime.
  6. Safety first! From car restraints to safe exercise and eating. Check your facts, ask the professionals and stay safe.

Lane Cove Information

In The Cove has your covered from baby and beyond! Here are some more links you can check out during some late night feeds:

Child Care;
Children’s Activities (like GymbaROO);
Articles from Lane Cove Experts on Child Development (like Catherine Lavery from Sydney Speech Clinic); and
Make sure you check out ITC  Event Calendar for seminar and workshops for parents in Lane Cove and in particular Lane Cove Library events (for mums and bubs).

Evolvere Pilates Yoga and Barre

Thank you to Tatiana from Evolvere for sponsoring this article (read more about Tatiana here)

Tatiana, Founder of Evolvere feels a deep sense of gratitude being able to share in this next chapter with you. Evolvere is driven to ensure your safety, education and enjoyment. This chapter will be one of your most memorable, enriching and powerful and they would be honored to walk through it with you.

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[1] Recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (2015)

[2] Lane Cove Physio recommends every patient seeks advice from their Health Care Professional