Golf Course Views from the Norm James Way Bushwalk

This Bushwalk has to be a strong contender for the BEST one in Lane Cove. Not only does it have beautiful views of the golf course but its just spectacular in general. It also leads you to Lane Cove Bushland Park which is an amazing bushwalk on its own!

We entered on a path at the end of Richardson Street East in Lane Cove (map at the end of the article).

If you hang right when the path gives you two options you will come to a big open space where the kids can have a play for a bit before the trek.

Always look up, we found an enormous termite nest early on in the walk, one of the biggest I have seen! The picture doesn’t do it justice.

As you walk along you have views of the Lane Cove Golf Course. We even found a few balls on our walk which was a little concerning!!!

After we reached the part of the path where the golf course ends, we began to walk upward, then the path descends. When you get all the way down the bottom you are at Lane Cove Bushland Park which is an AMAZING place to walk, relax, let the kids run and play in the creek.

After we reached the creek we headed back up toward Richardson Street East, but as you can see by the map you can go many different directions and make it a nice long experience.