Chargrill Charlie’s Lane Cove

Chargrill Charlie’s Lane Cove
27 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
(02) 8095 9761

We’ve been making mouth-watering chargrill chickens every day to the same outstanding recipe for twenty-five years. Whilst we will always be about our traditional stuffed chickens and our Portuguese style chickens, our menu is far more diverse than just chooks. We love cooking at Chargrill Charlie’s, our family was brought up being passionate about food, good food and exciting ways of seeing and creating food.

We’re always in the Chargrill Charlie’s kitchen experimenting with the latest recipe idea we have. Whilst we keep finding new innovative ways to bring recipes to life, we make sure we still provide our long time, well-loved dishes.

Our evolving menu means we are a favourite with our regular customers as well as providing catering for corporate and private functions.

We have always believed that to prepare the best food you must only use the best quality ingredients.


  • Chargrill Charlie’s Lane Cove


My best advice is to never buy the chips from Chargrill Charlies..... they are addictive!! Once you try them, you will be drawn to them whenever you\'re in the plaza... it is dangerous for the waist-line!

Their chicken is delicious too, not to mention their veggies and salads :-)

Anonymous | 26 January 2017
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