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Lane Cove Community Chaplaincy seeks to serve and connect the local community in unique and person-oriented ways. Karen, the Chaplain, lives and works in Lane Cove and is readily available to meet you. There are a multiplicity of ways this could happen so here are a few –

  • Help people find meaning in their lives, particularly following times of grief, stress or crisis
  • Link people together with common interests
  • Encourage an acceptance of diversity and inclusiveness in our multicultural community
  • Help people understand and find spiritual strength in their lives
  • Explain the Christian story and its role in developing spiritual understanding
  • Care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit

Karen is an ordained Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia. However, Karen prefers to go to the community, rather than expect people to turn up at Church to see her. She prefers to listen to people’s perspectives and needs than preach. (But she does offer her perspective in her blogs). Although Karen is generously sponsored by Lane Cove Uniting Church, she is not its Minister.

Karen enjoys a variety of sports, currently playing tennis and bush walking, and was formerly a netball Chaplain in Adelaide. She and her husband David, enjoy adventure travel and love learning from different cultures, hiking in mountains and exploring diverse geographies. They have 3 children living in S.A.

In seeking to connect people positively, Lane Cove Community Chaplaincy  offers some groups, sometimes in conjunction with other organisations  –  ‘Walk and Wonder’ in our local bushland ; Christian Meditation ; Single Mums Supporting each other, and Parents and Kids cooking fun (see Courses and Events for more information).

Please contact Karen if you would like to talk about, or receive support for any life issue, or wish to be better connected to others in the community.

But Lane Cove Community Chaplaincy is not all about Karen! This is a team with many linkages to other activities and groups.

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