Colourful Lane Cove Identity – Kellie Rigney Zjoosh

Today’s Colourful Local Identity is Kellie Rigney from Zjoosh.

Kellie Rigney

Wayne and Kellie Rigney

ITC chose Kellie as a colourful identity because Zjoosh is a home grown success story.  What started out as a small local markets business has become, in the space of less than 3 years an online business, a wholesaling business and three bricks and mortar stores.   ITC loves walking past Zjoosh and smelling the candles burning and looking at their window displays.

ITC asked Kellie the following:

Why did you start Zjoosh?

Zjoosh was born out of a life long obsession with fashion, jewellery and accessories and beautiful things generally. I wanted to build a business based around something that I really truly loved so that I could combine a career with a genuine interest.

Why did you choose to open Zjoosh In The Cove?

We looked at so many sites, but Lane Cove just felt right. A lively friendly atmosphere with lots of people like us who prefer to shop locally rather than in the larger centers. We wanted to work hard, but also be close by for our four children who attend local schools. I like to pick my kids up from school. Setting up in Lane Cove meant we could still do that.

What is your best selling product?

It varies from week to week. We sell a lot of bangles and scarves. Right now there is a run on stretch bracelets and our new knitwear and cashmere.

Here is a sample of the Zjoosh range


What is the philosophy behind Zjoosh?

The philosophy behind Zjoosh is that fashion and affordability can go hand in hand. A simple capsule wardrobe can be made brave and unique by adding inexpensive accessories that can be interchanged as seasons and fashions change.

Do you employ locals?

Our staff comes from all over really. Cass, who manages our shop, in the cove, is local and I love that. Everybody knows her. She is also a style queen who used to work at Vogue. Irene Rayment is responsible for recruitment and she has done an amazing job. We get so many compliments on our lovely staff. I think because they are all genuinely obsessed with accessories too.

What did you do before you started Zjoosh?

A very long time ago I was a very disorganized and a not very good lawyer. I gave that up when Sammy was born and did a lot of sewing, painting, blogging and gardening in between having another 3 lovely babies. I started an accessories business in Chicago with my neighbour and dear friend Annie. Shortly after we moved back to Australia I decided to start Zjoosh in an attempt to heal my broken heart having left America. Being busy turned out to be a great thing for me.

What is your best style tip for an In the Cove woman?

Purchase the best wardrobe basics you can find and ZJOOSH with jewels and scarves. The same outfit can look completely different with different accessory combinations.

zjoosh 5

What is your vision for Lane Cove?

I would like to see our store expand in Lane Cove and bring more lifestyle products to the Cove. We are always thinking of new ways to expand our offerings and to keep things interesting for our customers. There is space at the back of the store we could push back into and we are looking at that right now actually. There are a few beautiful product lines arriving soon that will take us into a lifestyle direction.

Finally, which celebrity would you like to style?

Samantha Armytage from Channel 7 often wears Zjoosh. Gives me such a kick. I just sent her a present actually. Bit crawly probably. The first time I saw her wearing Zjoosh on Sunrise, I took a picture of the TV. As much as I’d Iove to see other famous people wearing Zjoosh, I love it that it’s a brand for all types of women. One of the best things about accessories is, there are no sizes!*

Zjoosh is located at Shop 20 The Plaza Burns Bay Road Lane Cove

Phone:  8065 0744


Email: [email protected]


If you know of anyone ITC should interview or contact please E-mail  [email protected]

*Hallelujah to that says In the Cove.  Mr In the Cove, not as impressed, as he does not see the need for more than one handbag, one scarf and one necklace.  He is so not on trend.