Twerking and YOLO – If you don’t know what they are you are getting old



Yesterday I found myself starring Gen Z in the face and I felt old.  My neighbour and I held a garage sale.  She was selling some old land line phones.  For some reason one of my daughter’s friends took a like to the landline phones (must have been the groovy square buttons and the cord).  He purchased the phone for $1.00.  After the transaction, he proudly said – “It will work after I insert the SIM card”.    Oh no Gen Z thinks all phones have a  SIM Card.  This made me feel so old.  Then I started to think of all the other things that make me feel like I am getting old.

Here is my top ten list: 

  1. You can’t stand to listen to Triple J and you sing along to Elevator Music;
  2. You don’t know what Twerking is and if you did you would hurt yourself doing it (By the way Twerking is –  a dance move that involves a person shaking their upper hips and lower hips in an up and down bouncing motion, causing them to shake, wobble and jiggle.)
  3. You chose comfort over style  (okay I admit it I wore flat shoes to a Pink Concert when my friend told me she had booked tickets on the floor and not in the seated section);
  4. You think YOLO is a type of yoghurt to aid digestion.  (YOLO is in fact slang for you only live once);
  5. You ask where your glasses are (when they are on your head);
  6. You don’t leave the house until you have checked the weather;
  7. You constantly say did you tape that programme (when you are using IQ);
  8. You join a sports team and every week another player does a hammy, groin or knee;
  9. You start saying things that your mum used to constantly say to you (including things that just don’t make sense – i.e go to the car and grab the groceries your legs are younger than mine); and
  10. You love a nanna nap.

Is this happening to you?  What other signs have you seen?



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