Why I love the Lane Cove Public School Food and Farmers Market

Why do I go to the Lane Cove Public School Food and Farmers Market every Sunday?  I love to eat.  I love to cook.  I love fresh fresh.  I love just looking at food!

There are many reasons why I go.  Great produce is one of them.   If you love spices, the markets have one of the biggest spice displays I have ever seen. Naked Foods has a huge range.


If you ask many of the market goers why they are there, they will tell you they must have the farm fresh eggs and avos.



Avos and fresh egss are great brunch food, but if you really want to impress your friends grab a handful of mushroom and smear them with herb flavoured butter and whack them on the BBQ for five minutes – yum.


However the number one reason is community.  It is so much fun to grab a coffee (and I have to say it is bloody good because they blend their own coffee), and then an egg and bacon roll and sit down and watch the world go past.  I always meet heaps of people I know and it has become a real place to be seen on Sunday and to meet up with friends.


The kids can have their face painted and play on the equipment while you sit and have a chat.


The markets have also become a place where you can see new products as Lane Cove home based businesses display their goods for the first time.  You never know what new stall will pop up.

This week there were at least two Lane Cove based businesses that were displaying their products

Bebe Bunting – http://www.facebook.com/bebebunting


Uncle Mike’s Cookies


Uncle Mike at his cookie stand


If you just love fresh food then check out these lovelies.


So do yourself a favour and come to the Lane Cove Public School Food and Farmers Market and enjoy the community atmosphere.  There is even music playing!

The markets are run by the beautiful Lisa Martin and she is passionate about organic food and local farmers.  Give  her a call if you want a stall.


  1. The lane cove farmers market appears to be out of business? Do you know anything more. It would be a great loss for the school, community, lane cove image and fresh produce lovers!

    The nearest is balmain and only one weekend a month!


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