Five Great Snacks to have in Lane Cove

So you are in Lane Cove and you are starving.  You don’t want a meal but just something to tide you over.  ITC has been doing all the hard work for you by eating her way through the cove (and I wonder why I have a weight problem!!).  In no particular order her are five fab snacks that you will want to try.

  1. Chargrill Charlie’s Fries

    Without doubt one of the best french fries I have ever tasted.  These fries melt in your mouth.  My only tip is to eat them as soon as you can as they are so much better hot.  They have a happy hour between 3.00 and 4.00 where kids in school uniform get half priced chips.

  2. One Seed Patisserie’s sausage roll

    You can’t knock a sausage roll and these are good.  They have a beautiful flaky pastry and a nicely seasoned filling.  They also do a really could cup of coffee.  So c’mon Lane Cove cross that road and venture down to the end of Longueville Road and try them out.

    Snag Roll
    Flaky Sausage Roll
  3.  FeatherThe Cake Man Lane Cove

    These bite size sponge cake treats are filled with fresh cream and scrumptious raspberry jam.  They are called Feathers as they are in fact as light as a feather.  If you love sponge – you will adore these feathers.

    Feather with fresh cream and yummy jam
    Feather with fresh cream and yummy jam
  4. Roast Chicken Sandwich Pablo & Rustys

    Made on the most delightful seeded bread and packed full of chicken and celery and other seasonal delights, these chicken sandwiches are well worth it.  This is probably more than just a snack so maybe keep this one for lunch time.

  5. ScrollsStory

    ITC has not tasted these scrolls.  However they come highly recommended by ITC facebook fans.  ITC would love to try these scrolls but each time I go to Story they are sold out (so I guess that says it all)

If you want something that is a treat but is better for your waste line, Gellatissimo has sugar free gelato.


So do you agree with ITC, are these the best snack?  What would you recommend?


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