HairCRAFT Mobile Hairdressing Lane Cove – no need to leave home to look stunning

Fiona from Haircraft is currently on maternity leave.

It is a well known fact that going to the hairdresser is better than therapy.  What happens  if you just can’t find the time to get your hair done.  If you have a new baby, toddlers or you are confined to home, getting your hair done is really difficult.   You can be confined to home for many reasons: knee reconstruction after skiing injury, not allowed to drive because you had a Caesarian, you know you will not get a parking spot in Lane Cove!!!

Just before Miss ITC was born,  I got the shortest, short hair cut.  I knew that once the baby was born I would struggle to leave the house as  we had no family support in Lane Cove.  To this day people laugh at how short my hair was!!  I wish I had known a mobile hairdresser then.  I would not have cut my hair so short.

So what do you do if you are confined to home?  Well enter stage right, Fiona from Haircraft Mobile Salon.  Fiona is a very experienced hairdresser (over 18 years in the trade).  She is also a young mum and wanted to keep her skills up and have some adult time.  She started Hair CRAFT – a mobile hairdressing salon that comes to your house.

She says she loves brightening up your day.  She regularly cuts hair while toddlers run around the house.  Many times she has seen people wash the dishes, or iron while they wait for their colour to take (true multitasking at its best).  If you work from home, you can continue to  work or take phone calls while your colour sets.   Many of her clients make it a real party atmosphere by having their hair done with a friend or their mum.

Fiona works three days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

We asked some of Fiona’s clients to give us some feedback and here is what they said:

“Fiona has been doing my hair for more than 2 years. She is always on time and I love that she comes to my house. I have a little one at home so it’s very convenient. I get anything from just a cut to a full head of foils, highlights, the works really. Her prices are very good and its great supporting a local small business. Fiona is friendly, does what you ask for and I’m always happy with the outcome”


“It’s just too convenient having someone come to your home. Fiona is always so punctual and quick and tidy! Normally getting my hair done means finding a sitter, taking four hours out of my day and having to wait around at a salon while being squeezed in between other clients. The fact that you do such a lovely job is just an added bonus!!!”


Here is Fiona’s price list and details:


Contact Details
Phone;  0415854367
Email:  [email protected]

So next time you need your hair done, why not try having your hair done at home (after all that will mean not struggling to find a car park in Lane Cove)

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