6 Very Very Tasty Soups in Lane Cove

Yes, baby it is starting to get cold outside.  When the weather turns a bit chilly, it’s always comforting to have some soup for lunch.  In the Cove set herself a secret mission to taste as many soups as she could in Lane Cove.  Many were tasted, but the six below made the cut as the ones that tickled my tastebuds (or in some cases Mr ITC’s tastebuds).  In no particular order, here are my six favourite soups:

  1.  Chicken and Mushroom Soup Super Mix JucieryCasey, the delightful store manager, loves making soup.  In fact she uses the recipes handed down to her by her Grandmother (she will not under any circumstances disclose the secret ingredients).   The Chicken and Mushroom soup was divine.  It was a toss up whether to recommend this soup or Casey’s grandma’s pumpkin soup.  The soup is sold in a takeaway container.  If you are taking it home, you may need to reheat it.  If you would like to know more about Super Mix Juicery (a concept developed in Lane Cove read about them here)IMG_1667
  2. Hearty Lentil SoupLettuce Tempt YouThis soup must be good, it took me four trips to  Lettuce Tempt You before I finally managed to snag a cup of soup (it sold out very quickly the other three times).   I have to admit I am not a natural lentil eater, so I was prepared to dislike this soup.  In fact, all I could think of was Neil on The Young Ones talking about lentils.  Well I am pleased to say that I am no longer lentilphobic!!  I loved this soup and would return for more.  Quite easily the most generous serving of soup in Lane Cove.  This soup had a nice spicy flavour (just perfect for a cold day).IMG_8968
  3.  Pumpkin Sweet Potato and Ginger SoupFink Chocolate CafeThis soup was so silky and smooth.  It had a sweet flavour with a subtle hint of ginger.  I loved it.  In fact, I liked it so much, I had to go back the next day for more.  As an added extra, if you are having your hair done at Infinity Hair they will bring in the soup for you to sip as you wait for your colour “to take” (oh no have I let it slip that I am not a natural blonde???).bianca
  4. Chicken Herb and Barley SoupChargrill CharliesWhen I was growing up my mum loved barley.  We had it in everything (we were not permitted to have soft drinks and she made barley water for us to drink).  Today she would be hailed as a genius for making us eat a superfood.  I just hated it because the barley tasted bland and mushy to me.  However for the sake of Lane Cove, I gritted my teeth and had the Chicken Herb and Barley Soup.  It was very tasty and so filling.  Mr ITC loved this one (but his personal favourite was in fact Chargrill Charlie’s MInestrone).   This soup will warm you up on a cold cold day.IMG_3846
  5. Pumpkin SoupMeno  Diciotto GelateriaDid you know that Meno Diciotto Gelateria does more than sell award winning gourmet gelato?  Oh yes it does!!  They serve Crepes and Soups.  I tested out the pumpkin soup and this was one of my favourites.  There was a flavour in their soup (that I loved) but couldn’t identity.  This shop has a lovely fit out, so why not eat in and try something other than their gelatos??IMG_8861
  6. Organic Chicken SoupGrassland Butchery and Deli at Agora IGA ExpressYes Chicken Soup is food for the soul.  PJ slowly simmers  the chicken for 12 hours.  When you sip on this soup it is like being in front of a warm fire with a good book.  Chicken soup is trendy again.  There have been numerous studies on the therapeutic effects of chicken soup – and the findings tend to be that your mum may have been doing the right thing when she served you chicken soup to help with a cold.  ITC was stunned to find out that Chicken Soup is also being used for facials (see this article) – don’t try it at home (and if you do we suggest that you thoroughly cool the soup before applying to you sensitive skin!!!)IMG_8613An honorable mention should go to Zest, they also do a really nice chicken and vegetable soup.IMG_8860

So that was my secret soup mission (many bowls were sampled in pursuit of my secret mission).  What is your favourite soup in Lane Cove ???