The A-Z of Lane Cove – I is for (Mrs) ITC! – PART ONE

Where would us Lane Covers be, without the locally obsessed, fabulously connected and all-round great gal, Mrs ITC, to keep us abreast of everything happening In the Cove?!  (Please note this was written by our super intern Sue Manning and not by Mrs ITC herself).

Well, we want to know more about this local wonder woman, so we threw 20 questions at her, and here’s what she said. (The first 10 in this blog post, and the remaining 10 next week)

what happens in the coveWe surveyed 100 locals, and put together a list of the top questions they had for Mrs ITC

1. When did you start ITC, and why?

I started ITC in November 2012.  One day I was walking down the street and I saw that Jean from Story Espresso was opening a store in the laneway that backs on to Rosenthal Av car park.  My friends and I love drinking coffee (you could say I have a PhD in coffee drinking).  I thought Story was such an exciting concept for Lane Cove, I had to tell people about it, I went straight home and started ITC and asked all my friends to join it.  They did and the rest (as they say in the classics) is history. Once I started posting stories and getting feedback, it became addictive.  People were stopping me and saying how much they loved ITC and how they felt more informed about their local area.

2. How did you come up with the name ‘In the Cove’?

I really wanted a catchy name and In the Cove seemed punchy.  However it was our fabulous Facebook Fans who decided to immediately call it ITC.

3. How much sleep do you get (you seem to work 24/7!)?

Mr ITC will tell you I am a very good sleeper.  I do tend to work late, but the world’s greatest husband (Mr ITC) does all the morning chores so I sleep in a bit in the morning.  I can work up to five hours a day on postings, blogs, driving around taking pictures and meeting people.

4. Do you get sick of always being asked the same questions, over and over again?

I never get sick of answering the same questions.  In fact that lets me know what the hot issues are and what impacts people in Lane Cove on a day to day basis.

5. How long have you lived in Lane Cove?

We moved into Lane Cove in 1994 and have never looked back.  We love Lane Cove.  It is so conveniently located.   Did you know there is only one set of traffic lights between Longueville Road and Canberra?

6. How has Lane Cove changed since you’ve lived here?

Lane Cove has changed since we moved here.  There are so many more families and young kids.  There are also so many new unit developments (which personally I do not like).  I don’t mind small unit developments (for instance I think The Botanic on Finlayson Street is a really well designed and good looking apartment block).

7. Can you see yourself ever moving from Lane Cove?

I cannot see us moving from Lane Cove in the near future.  One day we do plan to become grey nomads, but that is a long way off.

8. Caffeine after 3pm – yay or nay?

I like to live dangerously so sometimes I do have caffeine after 3pm, but mostly I will have a hot chocolate.

9. How do you decide what to include and what not to include on ITC?

For something to be on ITC it must inform or educate or be interesting.  We do have a very strict policy that the item must relate to lane cove or a lane cove resident.  However if something is funny, we also like to give people a belly laugh now and again.  We love to include information that when people read it they say to themselves – “wow I did not know that”.  Our most widely read blog is our business openings, closings, rebrandings and milestones.  People love to know what is going on with businesses.

10. What makes Lane Cove different to other suburbs?

Lane Cove really is a village community.  People are friendly, honest and well intentioned.  I love the leafy environment.  I love the fact you can go up to the village in your daggiest tracksuits and you feel comfortable. When you go to the Village you will always bump into someone you know.

Stay tuned for Part Two of ‘I is for (Mrs) ITC’, published next Wednesday.
What would you ask Mrs ITC?

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