Local Identity – Mark Casiglia – Apple Dental

Today’s Colourful Local Identity is Mark Casiglia from Apple Dental.


ITC Chose Mark as a colourful identity because the Apple Dental building has always fascinated ITC (only joking) The reason we chose Mark was because Apple Dental is so involved in the community and sponsoring local sporting groups and cultural events.  Apple Dental was awarded this year the Better Business Partnership Lane Cove Champion in Community Support.

community support award
ITC asked Mark the following:

ITC grew up when the only dentist on TV was Rob and he was not allowed to show his face?  Is ITC permitted to show your face?

Yes!!  There used to be a strict advertising code around dentists.  We are now allowed to advertise and show our face.  Oral – B made the most of those regulations and that ad is very famous.

For the record here is a picture of Mark (showing his face)


How long have you been a dentist?

I have been a dentist for 23 years.

Why did you choose to practice In The Cove?

It was pure luck.  There was a tiny dental practice for sale on Longueville Road (which was started by tennis great John Newcombe’s father).  I grew up in Epping, so working in Lane Cove was easy for me.

Do you live above the Practice?

No – but gee I have been asked that question numerous times!! There are tenants above the practice.  The building is designed so that patients would always knock on the correct door – and in six years they always have. Two years ago (due to environmental concerns) 54 solar panels were installed on the roof and over 100 halogen down lights were converted to LED.

What is the best advice you can give as a dentist?

My number one message, from a self-care perspective, is minimize sugar in the diet.  Learn to correctly floss and do it daily.  See a dentist or hygienist every six months for maintenance.*

What is the philosophy behind Apple Dental?

I wanted to create a practice, which aims to provide the highest standard of dental services and patient care. The practice uses the most up to date equipment and methods available.  The plan was to create the best practice in Lane Cove (and one of the best in North Sydney).  A bold plan – but you have to think big.

Do you employ locals?

I would love to employ locals.  However, at the moment, there is a shortage of qualified dental auxiliaries in Sydney.

What makes your practice special?

Where do I start…I will name a few:

  • The practice likes to give back to the community and actively supports local schools and local sporting clubs.
  • The practice invests heavily in expensive technology.  We have a Galileos 3D x-ray.  We have CEREC.  With CEREC, porcelain crowns, inlays and veneers can all be done in one visit. We also use CEREC combined with the 3D x-ray to be able to provide computer-guided dental implant placements for missing teeth. We position the implants on a 3D computer model so that when we do the real thing, we work through a precision guide and a key-hole approach to get the implants in the exact position according to the plan.
  • We use ZOOM! Teeth whitening.
  • We have five dentists to choose from and we are open late on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and all day Saturdays.
  • We have on site parking.
  • We have zero interest internal payment plans.
  • We try and shower our patients with TLC (including free bottled water and espresso in reception).

What is your vision for Lane Cove?

I think Lane Cove is on the right track.  In terms of community spirit we have a lovely small town feel (which has always characterized our suburb).

I am concerned about all the extra units being built and the ones on the drawing board.  On the one hand, the extra residents will create more demand and the vacant shops may start to become occupied.  On the other hand, I am concerned about traffic congestion and parking issues.

I would like to see a performing arts centre in Lane Cove.  I play the violin with the Mosman Symphony Orchestra (this started off as the Lane Cove Symphony Orchestra).  The Lane Cove Symphony Orchestra had to move when we lost our performance space (now the Lane Cove Council building).  The Lane Cove Concert Band needs more space to rehearse.    I think that the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park needs to be redeveloped to include multi level parking and incorporate a performing arts facility.

Finally, if you were a celebrity dentist – which star would you like to visit your practice?

That’s a tough one!   I have had a few high profile clients over the years (but am not allowed to tell you who they are).  I would always be happy to have anyone who occupies the Lodge as my client.

Address:  at 1 Finlayson Street Lane Cove

Phone:  9420 5050

Website:  www.appledental.com.au

Email: [email protected]

*After this advice from Mark, ITC will throw out all the chocolate in the fridge and find the floss she purchased six months ago.

Apple Dental is a Foundation Sponsor of In the Cove.