Lane Cove Village Fair – ending the Cameraygal Festival with a bang

The Lane Cove Village Fair is one of the highlights of the Cameraygal Festival. It also ends the Festival with a big bang.


The Fair is organised by Lane Cove Rotary and is loved by young and old. There is entertainment, food, market stalls and displays by community organisations. This year the Lane Cove Fair is bigger, brighter and better.  Not only will Burns Bay Road, the Plaza and Longueville Road be full of activities, there will also be some amazing events on Pottery Green. In fact the Lane Cove Village Fair started on Pottery Green.  One of the first events had live sheep and unfortunately one of them escaped and found its way to Longueville Road!

ITC has coincided the launch of our website with the Lane Cove Fair.  We will have a stall  at the Fair and we would love to meet you at the stall. Please come along and say hi!!  We will have giveaways, competitions and some surprises. Go Vita Lane Cove has just released their very own range of fresh, preservative free peanut butter and if you visit our stall we will give you a ticket, the first 40 people to like the Go Vita Facebook page and then check in at Go Vita will receive a 200g tub of peanut butter.


We will give you the opportunity to meet local author Jodie McMahon who has published a book called We Are Different.


We will also be selling a range of Tea Towels (including our world famous Lane Cove Tea Towel). We will be donating 10% of our sale proceeds of the Lane Cove Tea Towel to the Delvena Woman’s Refuge (read our blog here).


Here is a run down of all the fun of the fair (pardon the pun)

Longueville Road:

Markets Stalls, Displays, local community groups, Climbing Wall and a few rides.  Browse the market stalls, meet local businesses and run into friends.


Burns Bay Road:  Sustainability Lane

Sustainability Lane is packed full of stalls and information about environmental tips for your home. You can ask an expert about environmental issues and also meet some Lane Cove Community groups who are committed to making the world we live in a better place. ITC can’t guarantee that it will be here this year, but the worm farm is always a bit hit.

Burns Bay Road:  Rides

The kids love the rides and the big slide is always a winner.


Pottery Green Showground

This year follow the new paw print walk from Burns Bay Road down to Pottery Green Oval to see dog sports and martial arts shows as well as participate in activities and rides.  Pottery Green Oval will be transformed into a fun and interactive Showground. On the day you will find many entertaining things to do and see starting from 9:00am.

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Pottery Green Arena Shows

9:40am Fun Paw Print Walk Competition

Meet outside the Post office on Burns Bay Road for a fun competition walk down to Pottery Green Showground with great prizes for best dressed humans and dogs alike!

10:15am Rally O dog competition

Join Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club which is a series of stations with obedience tasks to complete. Each dog and owner will go head to head with each other to compete for top dog status at Pottery Green Arena!

11:00am Sheep Shearing and Whip Cracking

Watch a fun demonstration of old fashioned sheep shearing and whip cracking with Kindi Farm at Pottery Green Arena

11:15am Dog Adoption Parade

Have you been looking for that special canine companion to join you family? Come and see some great dogs looking for new homes and learn a little bit about how amazing a rescue dog can be in the Pottery Green Arena.

12:15pm Karate and Ninjutsu Demonstration

Shinbukan Club high energy martial arts demonstration showcasing ancient techniques used by the ninja and traditional Goju Ryu karate as taught by Soke Saito, 16th Grandmaster of Iga Ryu Ninjutsu and Australia’s only 10th Dan Grandmaster of Goju-Ryu Karate.

12:20pm Dog and Cat Nutrition Made Easy

Join a pet nutrition specialist for an easy guide your pets needs in the Eukanuba Tent and get all the answers to the how’s, what’s and whys of pet diets.

12:45pm Pet Adoptions 101 Talk

With so many types of animals and ways to adopt it can get a bit confusing when trying to find a new pet. Join the Furever Pets team to learn all about how adoptions work, find out what a rescue animal really is and get all your questions answered to help make the right choice for you and your family In the Eukanuba Tent.

1:15pm Agility Demonstration

Dog Agility course with Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club where you can see how these fabulous dogs learn to jump, weave, tunnel and spring into action through a string of fun obstacles.

 ACTIVITIES– Fun things to do

  • Animal Toy Craft Table
  • Dress Up Selfie Photo Booth
  • Free Kindi Farm Petting Zoo
  • Face Painting
  • Eukanuba Paw Print Walk from the post Office to Pottery Green Showground
  • Sport Matters
  • Ninja Toss challenge and Martial Arts Games
  • Fire Brigade (meet a fire fighter and sit in a fire truck)
  • Lane Cove Council Microchiping & Checks for Pets
  • Learn animal massage and medical checks for pets
  • Old Fashioned Fair Games
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Rides
  • Renegade Cycle and Lane Cove Council Bike Road Safety activities and information
  • Wheel Chair Sports Australia
  • Lawn Bowles
  • Lane Cove Swimming Club
  • Lane Cove Football Club
  • Some Swans players will be there.

STALLS– Shopping Local Club and Charity Displays at Pottery Green

  • Furever Pets Adoption Animal Education Tent (with pets looking for homes)
  • Theo Glockemann with East Timor display
  • Shelter Box
  • Blue Mountains Rotary Drought Relief
  • Rescue Resource donation station (They support rescues by collecting new and used animal items as well as food and litter and then distribute them to people in need. They will be accepting donations on the day)
  • Pennant Hills Rotary Club Stand

FOOD at Pottery Green

No Kill Pets Rescue Pop up Restaurant. No Kill Pets Rescue is providing a great dining area for the oval and is receiving a percentage of sales for food sold on the day to go to saving lost and abandoned animals find new homes.

  • Fun Fair Food – Ice cream, doughnuts and slurpee etc
  • Bella Burgers – Coffee, Salads, wraps and burgers

The Potter Green Showground area has been organised by Furever Pets.

Furever Pets is very excited to be able to get out even further into the community to showcase how all their support has been so valuable to the success of our adoptions and in store programmes.

Furever Pets will be having a large Adoption and Information Tent on the day showcasing domestic animals from rescues, pounds and shelters looking for new homes and key information about how to go about finding not only the right pet but also the best fitting rescue and process for families in order to make the right choice for them. It gives the public a chance to see some of the key partnerships Furever Pets is working with and a chance to see why we are so passionate about helping those in need.

The Furever Pets Tent will be fundraising for their in store charity ‘Furever Pets Charitable Aid’ which assists us in caring for animals while they are awaiting their new home and keep our in store programmes going. Funds on the day will also be going to rescues and charities in need of monetary support and providing goods needed such as food and litter so they can continue to rescue animals in need. We aim to show the community how they can be involved and make a difference in their own areas.

Transportation Information

A free shuttle bus service will operate on the day to assist people getting to/from the event.

TRIM_small map shuttle bus routes 2013_840071

Road Closures

There will be road closures on the day of the event on Longueville Road from Birdwood Avenue to Central Avenue and Burns Bay Road between Finlayson Street and Tambourine Bay Road and their will be bus route changes.

Bus Diversions

Bus services will be diverted from Longueville Road, Lane Cove on 11 October from 06:00 until 19:00 Bus diversions will be as follows:

Routes 536 and 252

To Gladesville/Cope St: As normal to Rosenthal Avenue, Finlayson, Cox’s Lane, Sutherland, Burns Bay Road then as normal.

To Chatswood/Queen Victoria Building: As normal to Burns Bay Road, Sutherland, Cox’s Lane, Finlayson, Rosenthal, Birdwood, Longueville then as normal.

Route 254 Riverview services.

To Riverview: As normal to Longueville Road, Birdwood, Rosenthal, Finlayson, Cox’s Lane, Sutherland, Burns Bay Road, Ross Smith Parade, Bridge, River, Warraroon, then as normal.

To City: As normal to Tambourine Bay Road, River, Bridge, Ross Smith Parade, Burns Bay Road, Sutherland, Cox’s Lane, Finlayson, Rosenthal, Birdwood, Longueville then as normal.

This diversion covers the whole of Longueville Road and the stops on River Rd prior to Tambourine Bay Road.

Bus stops closed are –

206679 Longueville Road near Birdwood Avenue.

206636 Longueville Road near Austin Street.

206677 Longueville Road opposite Dorritt Street.

206637 Longueville Road near Dorrit Street.

206638 Longueville Road near Alpha Road.

206675 Longueville Road opposite Richardson Street.

206639 Longueville Road near Richardson Street.

206640 Longueville Road near River Road West.

206656 Pengilly Street near Yalanga Place.

206641 River Road West near Longueville Road.

206674 Lane Cove, River Road West near Longueville road.

Customers are advised to join services at –

2066218 Birdwood Avenue Near Longueville Road.

2066216 Burns bay Road Near Rosenthal Avenue.

2066217 Burns Bay Road Near Rosenthal Avenue.

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