Randall’s of Lane Cove – Certified Mechanic AND Smash Repairs Workshop!

Randalls of Lane Cove Smash Repairs and Mechanical

Welcome to today’s guest bloggers, Randall’s of Lane Cove, who are one of the oldest businesses in the area. 

Mechanic Lane Cove

Randall’s have been in business since 1946 – primarily as a smash repairer but now a fully equipped One Stop Auto Shop.

Situated in the heart of Lane Cove (next to the Post Office) providing quality repairs for all your mechanical needs and vehicle body repairs at your convenience.  Randall’s has been a part of Lane Cove’s history, dating back to the 1940’s when John Randall established the business.

A little later on it became Randall and Son. In 1993, Paul Menzagopian purchased the business from the Randall family. Paul has lived in Lane Cove since 1987 and raised his kids in the area. Randall’s has been an integral part of Lane Cove for almost 70 years!  Today we are a one stop shop with highly qualified technicians with the latest equipment can solve all your car troubles!


At Randall’s, we look after any type of car – European, Japanese, Australian etc. No job is too small! We do logbook servicing, meaning you don’t have to pay the hefty fees that dealerships charge. We can do spray painting touch ups, fix overheating vehicles, replace your tyres and of course provide pink slips, blue slips and any other mechanical service.

A lot of families take long drives this time of year, and it’s quite important to make sure your car is ready for the journey before departing. We have competitive prices on tyres and can make sure that mechanically the car is performing at its best.

In summary, we can provide an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle, options on how to repair it and then correct repairs on what was asked for. We have multiple arrangements with various parts providers, and we believe we have competitive prices, open communication and fair pricing.

Our customers keep coming back because we provide unparalleled value, quality and service. It is our on-going promise to continue to do this.

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Address: 41 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove NSW 2066
Phone: (02) 9427 0866
Facebook: Randall’s of Lane Cove
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.lanecoveautorepairs.com.au

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