Change Coffee – Lane Cove Coffee Shops Join Together for a Great Cause



Friday December 4th is Change Coffee Day.  Lane Cove has ten cafe participating in the Change Coffee Day.
This is amazing and just another indication of how caring the Lane Cove community is (in fact we could nearly call the day Lane Cove Coffee Drive Day).

The next step is for Lane Cove residents to buy a Change Coffee on Friday, December 4 from a participating cafe and put your caffeine addiction to good use.  Cafes all over Lane Cove and Lane Cove West  are participating in #ChangeCoffee this year,

We know that you all have your favourite coffee shop in Lane Cove – on Friday 4th December head to your fav Lane Cove coffee shop and make your morning brew count. Basically, you pay for two coffees, but take away one.


Change Coffee is a fundraising initiative for the not-for-profit organisation Eniwe Children’s Fund, which is on a mission to improve the lives of abandoned and underprivileged children through various housing, food, and skills development initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa.  So it’ll cost you twice as much as your regular cup but the extra half will go to the Eniwe Children’s Fund.

“Coffee lovers can enjoy their coffee even more on Friday 4th of December knowing they have literally changed the life of a child,” said founder Robyn Borruso. “One Change Coffee will feed 15 children for a day.”

 In 2010 Robyn Borruso, founder of Eniwe Children’s Fund, visited an orphanage in Africa. The children at the orphanage were more than just statistics; each had a unique story of pain and loss, and yet they approached life with such positivity and enthusiasm, despite some of their very basic needs not being met.

“Alleviating poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice,” said Robyn. “Food, water, shelter, good health, and an education are the birth right of all children. I was humbled and inspired by the children’s warmth and affection and decided I had to do something to improve their lives.”

Since 2010 Eniwe Children’s Fund has raised over $300,000.The Eniwe team has seen exciting, tangible results in these impoverished communities, which has affirmed my belief in our ability to fundamentally change the lives of these kids. 

What change coffee can achieve:

•             1 x Change Coffee will feed 15 children for a day

•             1 x Change Coffee will feed 1 child for 15 days

•             25 x Change Coffees will feed 1 child for a whole year

•             285 x Change Coffees will build a new home for a child-headed household

We’re all well aware of the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS. To put it in perspective, in 2014 there were an estimated1.2 million AIDS-related deaths across the globe. The number of orphans due to AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa alone is staggering and nearly 90 percent of newly infected kids live in the region. Change Coffee initiative is all about doing what you can to help those kids.


To put it in perspective, can you guess what the world’s second most traded commodity is? It’s coffee and there’s no denying that us Lane Covians consume a lot of it.

So Lane Cove Coffee lovers unite in the name of charity. That extra cup could go a long way in helping improving the lives of kids who have been affected by AIDS in the area. If you’ve sworn off caffeine (not for long) or can’t handle more than one cup a day but still want to contribute, you can donate online

Here’s the list of participating cafes for #ChangeCoffee.

Manna Bakery Shop 6/50-54 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove
Zest Café 1/115 Longueville Rd Lane Cove
One Seed Pattiseries 160 Longuville Rd Lane Cove
The Cake Man 5a/23-25 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove
Café Zivelli 105 Longueville Rd Lane Cove
Pablo and Rusty’s 13 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove
Story 20 Birdwood Ln Lane Cove
Meno Diciotto 19 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove
The Lodge Shop 1, 24 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove
Fink Café Shop 3, 225 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove West





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