Residents’ Associations in Lane Cove

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Residents’ Associations in Lane Cove

This year will see a huge change in local government. Lane Cove Council will be forced to amalgamate with other councils and a large council will be formed. The Council building will not be down the road and you will not bump into your councilors in the street. So how do you make sure that your everyday local problems are addressed? One solution is to join your local Residents’ Association.

What is a Residents’ Association?

A Residents’ Association is a group of people who work together to represent the collective views of your local area. They highlight local issues and provide feedback on services. We all live in the Lane Cove Council Area but different issues impact different areas of Lane Cove.  For example the Mowbray Road District has been subjected to increased development and noise issues, the Greenwich Community Association keeps people up to date on the Gore Bay Terminal.

What do Residents’ Association Do?

  • Put pressure on the local council to fix or maintain local facilities such as footpaths, play areas and roads;
  • Inform residents about crime and other local issues in their area;
  • Campaign on local issues (such as development applications, traffic hazards or issues that impact local schools); and
  • Organise social activities.residents association lane cove

Why Should I Join a Residents’ Association?

A Residents’ Association is a good way to promote community spirit and co-operation among local residents. It is also another way to meet locals.

How can I find out more about my local Residents’ Association?

In the Cove is in the process of putting together a list of all active Residents Associations in the Lane Cove Council Area.

Stringybark Creek Residents’ Association

Greenwich Community Residents’ Association

Lane Cove West Residents’ Association

Lane Cove North Residents’ Association

If your Resident Association is not listed above please send us information so that we can include you on our website. Email us at

Residents’ Association can list their meeting dates free of charge on our Events Calendar – find our more here.

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