Lane Cove Aquatic Centre Renovations – Why the delay?

There is no doubt that in the last two years the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre has undergone dramatic changes. The entrance to the pool is now more user-friendly.  However the one area that people complain about the most is the upstairs (main entrance level) change rooms. Why has it taken so long to upgrade such an essential part of the complex?

Below is the feedback we received after publishing a post referring to the Lane Cove Aquatic change rooms.

The change rooms are a huge disgrace. A basic clean would do wonders. They are one big reason why I no longer go to Lane Cove aquatic centre.

Seriously the toilets/change rooms at the aquatic centre are the most disgusting areas I have ever seen.

I seem to forget that I live in Lane Cove in 2016 when I have to use that disgraceful facility.

I go all the way to Ryde for their change facilities

The Lane Cove Council lists the renovations to the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre as a priority on their current issues section of their website. The change rooms were due for refurbishment in Winter 2014. Here is an extract from the Council’s website:

Aquatic Centre Renovation Works

From mid-March 2014 renovations will commence at Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre on a new entry, gym expansion and new terrace area. To coincide with the renovation, essential works will also be completed on-site to reduce the length of disruption to pool users and the local community. It is expected that the works will be completed in time for the peak usage in Summer 2014-2015.

Overview of Renovations

Stage One (To commence Autumn 2014)

  • Construction of a new main entry to the complex at the pool deck level
  • Removal of office and kiosk on deck level
  • Construction of a new terrace associated with the new cafe
  • Construction of a new community space on the pool deck level
  • New entry gates for easier access to outdoor pool for swimming carnivals
  • An awning over the new entry to the Centre


Stage Two (To commence Winter 2014*)

  • Modifying entry to existing crèche to enable access from both levels
  • Increasing floor space near the fitness centre to provide:
  • Improved change room and toilets
  • Leisure facilities, including new spin room and increased area for gym and aerobics studio
  • Staff and reception areas
  • Removal of the stairway to the existing Little Street entry on the upper level


*The commencement of the Stage Two works in July 2014 will be revised based on the successful completion of Stage One of works in June 2014.

We contacted both Bluefit (who are the managers of the centre) and the council for an update on the works. Mr Todd McHardy (the general manager Bluefit) did not return our call. The Lane Cove Council advised:

The final details are being put together for the change room upgrade so that it can go to tender. Depending on the tender process some time frames may change but currently assume it will be underway across Winter and that construction will commence before the end of this financial year. Currently assuming this will take up to 12weeks. As you can imagine there is a fine balance between the peak times of the pool and wanting to get the works done –the focus was on getting the upgrade sorted before Summer so that the peak season would not be disrupted by the upgrades. Council is well aware that parking and the change rooms have been high on the priority list for some time – the Little Lane car park is now easing access to the pool.

ITC can only recommend that if you use the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre you continue to put pressure on the management company to upgrade the facilities.

What do you think of the upstairs change rooms?

llane cove aquatic centre

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