Lane Cove Week in Review 15th to 21st Feb 2016

lane cove at night

This week we celebrated the Lunar New Year in Lane Cove. It was a vibrant and colourful way to end a week that saw crashes, gas leaks, and traffic congestion.

This week In the Cove received a letter from John Sidoti (parliamentary secretary assisting the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure) advising us that the Lane Cove bus system was working well for commuters in Lane Cove. Try telling that to the Lane Cove residents who use the Epping Road Interchange!!

Bus Delays Lane Cove

The cladding on the Rosenthal Arcade Building started to come down. Birdwood Lane is closed until the cladding is removed. What a coincidence that we featured Rosenthal Arcade in our blog this week – you can find out all about the shops in this arcade here.

Rosenthal AV Lane Cove

Traffic came to a slow crawl on Longueville Road when a gas leak was discovered this week in the construction site on Longueville Road (the old Sushi Bar).

longueville road construction site lane cove

This week the mystery behind this sign on the old Discount Variety store on Longueville road (next to the Commonwealth Bank) was revealed.

mystery sign lane cove

DKOR interiors will be moving in to this shop  they will be selling beds, tables etc. They will also custom make furniture. Like their facebook page

dkor interiors lane cove

This week ITC got a sneak peak behind the cladding in Lane Cove Market Square. The Source Bulk Foods will open on 4 March.

source bulk foods lane cove

There were several crashes that held up traffic this week, all in the usual spots, like Epping Road and Centennial and River Road and Bridge Street.

This week coming is your last chance to have your say on Council Amalgamations. If you loved the Lunar New Year Celebrations and other celebrations that Lane Cove Council stages (free), then it is time to support a local council in Lane Cove.

There is an extraordinary Council Meeting this Monday, 22 Feb to determine Council’s Fit for the Future response.

Council meetings commence at 6.30pm in the Council Chambers, located on the lower ground floor of the Lane Cove Civic Centre at 48 Longueville Road, Lane Cove. Members of the public may address the Council Meeting for a maximum of 3 minutes during the public forum which is held at the beginning of the meeting.

Online :

On a happier note, the plaza came alive on Friday night with Lunar New Year Celebrations. The highlight of the night was the dragon dance.

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