Lane Cove at high risk of Water Damage: NRMA Safer Homes

According to the NRMA Safer Homes Website, Lane Cove has a relatively high risk of water damage.
Coincidentally, just after becoming aware of this stat on the NRMA website, a friend of ITC told us about a problem in their home that led to flooding.

This Lane Cove family had seen a few drips under their mixer tap in their bathroom cabinet.  They did not think anything more of it. One day, they came home to find the bendy stainless steel pipe connected to the mixer tap had split and their bathroom and the hall next to it was flooded. They arranged for their carpet to be dried out by a local carpet care place. The guy from the carpet care place told them this was a very common problem in Lane Cove (and that it kept him in business doing call outs).

Safer Homes NRMA Insurance
Source: Safe Homes NRMA

So are these hoses an issue? We spoke to Dan from On the Job Plumbing who told us that the under basin flexible braided hoses were an issue and could split. He advised that homeowners should check for leaks regularly. They should pay particular attention to hoses if they are more than 10 years old.

Dan from On the Job Plumbing also mentioned a few other causes of flooding in Lane Cove:

  • Paved Areas with inadequate drainage (this will lead to water seeping in under patio doors);
  • Not building up the earth near the house to the level of the inside floor.

Another issue is sewerage pipes being blocked by “Flushable Wet  Wipes”. In today’s Sun Herald there is an article calling for flushable wet wipes to be banned as they create fatbergs (as fats stick to the wipes). ITC learned about this the hard way. The ITC family used the flushable wipes (thinking this would be easy for children). One day our neighbour knocked on the door and told us our sewerage was running down their driveway. The plumber took hours to clean up the mess and extracted 100’s of wet wipes. So the moral of the story is only use toilet paper in the toilet!!!!  In fact Sydney water says only the “three ps” should be flushed: pee, poo and toilet paper.

Hope these few hints help you avoid plumbing issues.  If you do need a plumber we have local plumbers in our Business Directory

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