Update on Public Transport Issues in Lane Cove

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Thank you to everyone who has contacted In the Cove and provided photos and information on issues relating to public transport in Lane Cove. In the Cove passed on many of these photos to The Member for Lane Cove Anthony Roberts office. In the Cove also sent information to John Sidoti MP (Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads).

As a result of this information, we have been advised that next Monday Anthony Roberts will be meeting with the Minister for Transport and Transport NSW to discuss the public transport requirements.

Given this meeting will happen in the next week, it is even more important that you send to In the Cove any examples of public transport issues.

For example: a roving reporter sent us this report today:

Just a bit of a transport update – this morning on the 251 bus from Lane Cove West to CBD. I get on at the very first stop on the route, Cope Street terminus. Over the last couple of months I have watched the bus stop get busier and busier and I can only assume it is due to new residents moving into the development at the bottom of Burns Bay Road. This photo was taken before the bus took off from the first stop at 7.50am. Seats all taken and people already standing. As I type this, we have just gone past Fig Tree shops and the bus is now completely full and no longer picking up passengers. We really need to continue to push our local government to review the infrastructure into the area. I’m all for a growing community but as we have all said time and time again, the infrastructure also needs to grow!

Lane Cove Bus 251
Lane Cove Bus 251 at first stop

Keep those pictures coming in of bus queues, packed buses, stats on the number of full buses that go past you at the Epping Road Interchange and waiting times for buses leaving the city. In particular, we are interested in the queues leaving the city. You can send us the photos via PM or [email protected]

ITC encourages you write to the NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and express your disappointment. You can contact the Minister via this link. We understand that the NSW Transport Department thinks they have solved the issue by adding more buses in the Lane Cove North Area. Please write before Tuesday.

Do you have a question about Lane Cove you are dying to have answered? Please send us an email at [email protected]

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