Lane Cove Local Identity Wendy Rivas – A Modern Day Rapunzel

Wendy Rivas works at Mirrabrook Early Learning Centre in Riverview.  Since 2012, she has been growing her hair for one reason and one reason only.  Wendy wanted to donate her hair to a charity that makes wigs for women who have lost their hair during breast cancer treatment.

At the same time, Wendy wanted to raise funds to support the McGrath Foundation. The McGrath Foundation provides Breast Care Nurses to communities all around Australia (many in rural areas).  She also wanted to raise awareness of breast cancer and how important it is to provide strength and support to anyone who is battling breast cancer.  Wendy set up a fundraising page through the McGrath Foundation.  Wendy set out to raise $2500.  She well and truly raised that amount and more – $3 823.00  in fact. (A big virtual round of applause please)

wendy rivas 3

You might think it would be easy to donate hair.  Well in fact, it’s not that easy, there are quite strict rules around donating hair.  It must be over 35cm in length and it cannot be chemically treated.  

Finally, on 6th May 2016 (4 years after she started growing her hair) Wendy realised her dream.  She had finally met the criteria needed to donate hair.  Wendy did confess to a few restless nights before the big chop. However, nerves turned into excitement!  She was comforted by the fact that she was in good hands.  Wendy walked into Bliss Hair & Body with long locks and walked out with what felt like a short bob! Wendy now has four plaits skimming the 50cm mark (!!!) ready to hand deliver to a wigmaker.  

wendy rivas 1 wendy 4


DSC_2053 2
Wendy and Kimberley from Bliss Hair & Body

Wendy would like to thank the following people for helping her:

  • Kimberly from Bliss Hair & Body (Kimberly is the mother of twins who attend Mirrabrook Early Learning Centre).  She kindly donated her services;
  • Sumathi from Be By Sumathi Photography who documented the before and after shots. Sumathi is local mum of two and a family and newborn photographer. Her photography journey started when she was a teenager. She carried her camera with her at all times, because , every moment was worth capturing.In 2009, she decided to turn my passion into a career, and began photographing the children of my friends, friends of friends and, soon enough, word-of-mouth referrals. She loves photographing parents-to-be, newborns, babies, children and their families, creating images that best capture their spirit, personality and inner essence. The love and anticipation in the eyes of an expectant mum, those first few days of a new baby’s life, the innocence and curiosity of infants just starting to move, toddlers with their mischievous smiles, and older children discovering the simple wonders of the world – these are the memories worth holding onto forever;
  • All the Mirrabrook families and educators who have shared their support with  donations, shares, likes and wonderful words; and
  • All Wendy’s family and friends for donating to such a worthy cause and helping to make a difference for the McGrath Foundation.

Well done Wendy!!!!!

McGrath Foundation Fundraising Wendy Rivas GoFundraise.

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