Lane Cove Week in Review 16th to 22nd May 2016

A big week on the Lane Cove local political scene with a split in the ranks.  For the first time since being elected, the current independents on the Lane Cove Council had a win.

Lane Cove Council Amalgamation

In principle, the NSW State Government has agreed to amalgamate Lane Cove, Hunters Hill and Ryde Councils. Is bigger better?  Will our rates rise?

Scott Bennison, a liberal Lane Cove Councillor has secured documents from the NSW State Government that could be a “smoking gun” in the merger plans.  There has long been a conspiracy that the NSW State averment is keen to see Local Governments merge so that it is harder for independents to seek election.

The NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal forced the State Government to hand over some confidential documents.   These documents have allegedly revealed that the KPMG report (the basis for the costs savings claimed by the NSW Government) looked at council amalgamations in Auckland in 2009 and Toronto in 1998. These figures were used to promote the 3 per cent annual savings for metropolitan councils and a 1.5 per cent saving for regional councils.  Councillor Bennison alleges that the NSW State Government did not look at the amalgamation process in Queensland and Victoria.

As a result of the documents released after the NCAT order, Council Bennison voted with the Lane Cove Independent Councillors and Councillor David Karpin to commence legal action against the NSW State Government to stop the amalgamation.  The same lawyers Hunters Hill Council are using will be briefed.  The other Liberal Councillors voted not to take legal action.  Apparently Councillor Bennison’s actions did not go down well with the NSW Liberal hierarchy.

Lane Cove Public Transport Update

As you would be aware, In the Cove has been lobbying the State Government to review public transport options in Lane Cove.  State Government officials have been requested by our local member Anthony Roberts to prepare a report on the Lane Cove council area.  They are to report back to Anthony Roberts by Mid June.

ITC has written numerous letters to the NSW Minister for Transport and this week we received this “helpful” reply. The letter is dated 10 Feb 2016.


Tree Vandalism

Last week we told you about some trees being poisoned in Lane Cove North.  On Saturday, a roving reporter told us about some very large beautiful gum trees being cut down near Storage King Lane Cove by a person not known to our roving reporter. Apparently the trees were covered by a tree protection order and there was another person trying to stop the man with the chainsaw. It got a bit nasty and the police were called. Remember we are called Leafy Lane Cove


A new kebab shop is coming to town in Lane Cove North – where the old bakery used to be and near Cafe Geo and The Mowbray Road Cellars. Mr ITC will be over the moon he loves a good kebab.

Well done to Hummerston’s Gourmet Meats for winning first place in the Northern Districts Snag Comp judged by the Meat Industry Association.

Massage Envy opened this week in the 24/7 Anytime Fitness building. Monthly facials and massages could soon be yours.

massage envy

Smog and Pollution

The NSW Rural Fire Service continued its backburning this week.  The EPA released health alerts for Sydney’s North West.  Hazard reduction burning will continue this week.  You can check the EPA alerts here.

Sewerage was reported this week leaking near the children’s play equipment at Stringybark creek.


Bob Campbell Oval (aka Gore Creek Reserve) was closed last Friday 13 May following a pollution incident that occurred in Gore Creek from a broken sewer line. Clean up efforts were completed on 18 May.

It is still suggested that members of the public act with caution such as supervising children and dogs and not letting them down the escarpment to the creek area. Contact with the creek water by persons or animals (cats, dogs etc) in Gore Creek is not recommended as illness/infection may result.

If contact with the water from Gore Creek occurs, ensure hands, footwear and sports equipment (eg footballs) are cleansed and sanitised.

For further information, please call Manager Open Space on 9911 3555.

Core Creek Reserve

Volunteers Needed

Lane Cove Rotary needs your help. They are collecting donations for the Red Shield Appeal. Phil Wade from Lane Cove Wellness Centre is organising volunteers and would love it if you could be involved. Great for Teenagers who are doing community service. Sunday May 29th from 9 am. Please call 0414 805 154 

Volunteers are the lifeblood of The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal doorknock. When you volunteer, you help raise vital funds for the running of The Salvation Army’s vast network of social services. It may mean a roof to someone without a home, or education support for a child at risk of dropping out of school.

Crime Report

One break and enter occurred this week on Longueville Road between 5pm on Wednesday 11th May and 7.50am on Thursday 12th May 2016.

Sad News

On Monday this week, a funeral was held for Bridget Whelan at St Michael’s Church.  Bridgit was an ovarian cancer advocate.  You can read about her work here.

Event You Might Want To Attend This Week

There is a goody bag and some champers!!  Find out more here

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