Lane Cove Local Maria Nicola Wrestled with Sharks and Won!

maria nicola shark tank
Shark Tank returns to Channel Ten this week and If you watched the show last year, you may have spotted Lane Cove local, and jewellery creator Maria, asking the Sharks to invest in her business Maria Nicola, to help her promote her unique 10 Way Necklace.
Well, the huge news is, she got a YES from one of the Sharks!
We asked Maria some questions about herself, and living in Lane Cove.
maria nicola
My name is Maria, the designer of the 10 Way Necklace. My business is Maria Nicola.

What makes your product different to others (what is your ‘Unique Selling Point’)?

What is great about the 10 Way Necklace is that it has 10 different styles in one. Taking you from work to play, is great for holidays, and no matter the style or shape of someone it can be changed to suit.

Where can we buy your product?

Online from my website

maria nicola

Tell us about your appearance on Shark Tank

It was an amazing roller coaster ride! The studying to learn all my numbers and being prepared for anything was a major part! Channel 10 was so caring, to make sure I was as calm as possible and made the entire experience really enjoyable!

If you missed the episode, you can watch it here – PART 1  PART 2  PART 3

How long have you lived in the Lane Cove Area?

I’ve lived in Lane Cove for 30 years.

What is your favourite thing to do in Lane Cove?

It’s so gorgeous, the people are warm and friendly, I love the shopping village and Lane Cove is very convenient for travelling all around Sydney, all the freeways come thru Lane Cove! The little kids playing in the centre of the plaza are so cute, it really has a family feel.

What do you think could make the Lane Cove area even better?

Now that’s a hard one, cheaper property prices maybe? LOL

maria nicola

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