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It’s almost an embarrassment of riches when it comes to Wireless HiFi at the moment. There are many interesting, quality products coming on stream (pardon the pun) compared to only a few years ago where one manufacturer pretty much owned the Wireless Multi-zone Hi-Fi space.

Things are changing and one of the latest editions to the Wireless Hi-Fi space to arrive in the showroom is the BlueSound Pulse Flex. It joins part of Bluesound’s ecosystem of music components developed by one of North America’s most respected HiFi equipment manufacturers, NAD.

What is the BlueSound Pulse Flex?

This is a fiercely potent and capable little powered speaker – effectively an all-in-one music player with high quality Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet connectively, that is also portable via an optional battery pack.  This optional battery pack delivers up to 8 hours of high-res streaming autonomy. For the first time ever, you can enjoy the HiFi performance of Bluesound virtually anywhere your music takes you.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just another desk top computer speaker. It’s far from it. Despite its small stature, our showroom trials have revealed it sounds incredibly good for its size. As a standalone device, it operates as a one channel but it can also work in conjunction with another as a multi-zone player – for example, you could have one in the kitchen and take one outside on the balcony for a truly portable multi-room music experience. The optional battery pack allows for eight hours of portable high res streaming but that’s not its only trick.

Some real magic happens when you use two Flex’s as a Stereo Pair, just like the larger brother, the Pulse. Used in this fashion, Flex can create a much large stereo sound field that that is quite unique given this can also be done on while they are portable on battery power.

Bluesound Pulse_Flex

Control it with your Smart device.       

We found controlling the Flex and very easy affair with the ability to Play, pause, and select your streaming tracks from the hard-button controls on the top panel. Of course you can also control the Flex directly from your smartphone or tablet using the fantastic free BluOS app.

Available for Android and iOS systems, the app brings all you music sources together for complete control whether they are in the cloud, on your computer or phone, or from almost any other source via the various digital and analog inputs. Stream from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or connect to your wired LAN.

A super quick CPU means instant response

Flex’s CPU is a real powerhouse and it’s the reason behind why it runs so smoothly and consistently. Using an ARM Cortex processor with A9 cores, it boasts a sizzling 1 GHz clock speed – that’s as quick as the processor in your well known current model smart phone.

This translates into snappy and flawless decoding of lossless files at high sampling rates and instant responsiveness when you need to change things up.

Delivering every detail

Flex packs a 32-bit/192 kHz DAC inside its compact dimensions – that means it can easily deal with virtually any type of format recording all the way up to 24-bit/192kHz studio master recordings in lossless FLAC format.

And here lies one of its key differences to its competitors. True Hi-Resolution Audio payback. Put very simply it can play higher quality versions of music recordings than others in Wireless HiFi Market. For the listener, this means a more natural and pleasurable audio experience. Once you’ve experienced this format of high-quality audio – you’ll find yourself continuing to seek at these types of recordings – they just sound better.

It can also play AAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, WMA, WMA-L, OGG, and MP3 audio formats. It is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Apple Macintosh OS X 7-10 for music sharing.

All together now

Being part of Bluesound family, you can easily add-in other Bluesound components in the future to enhance functionality – the whole family of components has been designed for easy setup with no computer required. You can control each component individually, or grouped, so users can play different songs in each room or the same music all over the house.


Style, Substance and Fun

They’ve done a great job of styling the product, it looks and feels like a quality item but the really outstanding feature here is audio quality. The sound you get from such a small device, especially when stereo paired is excellent, achievement from Bluesound.

With the Pulse Flex, Bluesound has single handily created an approachable and engaging way to begin  an exciting adventure into the realm of Hi-Res Audio Music while making fun to do so in the process.

We highly recommend you come down to the showroom and have a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

len wallis audio

Len Wallis Audio began in 1978 as one man with a sound vision. Operating from a small shop in Lane Cove, Len Wallis Audio prided itself on providing the best product and service in the Hi-Fi industry. 30 plus years later, technologies have dramatically evolved and the business has developed into a thriving company of around 30 staff, 6 specialised divisions, and a walk-through virtual showroom with a variety of sound-lounges – considered the most advanced of its kind in Australia.

If you’ve never been inside Len Wallis Audio, you really need to pop in. Even if you’re not in the market for new audio gear, their showroom is so worth a visit. It features 8 sound-lounge/theatres, where you can have a private listen to the equipment, with no obligation to buy.

And they are such a friendly bunch too! Tell them ITC sent you!

Len Wallis is one of ITC’s fabulous Gold Sponsors. Without their support, along with our other sponsors, our website would never have been possible. #itcgoldsponsor


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