The Great Coffee Pod Debate

coffee pods

The former head of Nespresso, Jean-Paul Gaillard  is now claiming that coffee pods are killing the environment. In an interview with the ABC Jean-Paul Gaillard said that certain pods are made from a combination of plastics and aluminium with organic matter inside, the coffee pods are not biodegradable.  It apparently takes between 150 to 500 years for aluminium and plastic capsules to breakdown in landfill.

So maybe it is time to skip the pods and head down to one of Lane Cove many coffee shops and sip the real thing.  Lane Cove does have a coffee culture and this coffee culture is now celebrated each year with the Lane Cove Coffee Carnevale.

The Coffee Carnevale will have free activities, performances and art will bring the fun and flair of global coffee culture to life in Lane Cove Plaza.

Don’t want to be part of the hustle and bustle? Sneak away for a coffee at one of the 20+ participating shops across Lane Cove.

WHERE: Lane Cove Plaza
WHEN: Saturday 10 September, 10:00am – 3:00pm
COST: Free
ENQUIRIES: Cultural Development Team, [email protected]


There is even better news for coffee drinkers, according to a recent article in the Huffington Post, drinking coffee can assist in reducing the damage that occurs in the Liver when overindulging in alcohol and food.  You can read the full article here.

If you do however want to stick with the Nespresso Pods, Lane Cove is lucky enough to have a place where they can be recycled.  Pureflowers has a Lane Cove recycling program for Nespresso capsules. Pureflowers is participating in a nationwide environmental program to help recycle coffee capsules. Nespresso has joined with recycling and upcycling experts TerraCycle Australia to expand their recycling program at additional collection points around the country at florists, garden centres and nurseries. Lane Cove residents can now recycle their used Nespresso capsules at no cost by visiting Pure Flowers and dropping their capsules (sealed in any plastic bag which will also be recycled) into the in-store recycling collection box.

coffee pod recycling

“Pure Flowers has been delivering flowers in the Lane Cove area for 20 years. This program is an exciting and new initiative for our florist that’s good for the planet and makes recycling capsules accessible for locals. We’re happy to chat to customers that drop in and why not grab some fresh flowers on your way!” said Ludmila Fedorovitch, co-owner Pureflowers. The capsules will then be recycled at Nespresso’s recycling plant. Only Nespresso capsules made for in-home consumption are accepted as part of this program.  You can find out more about Nespresso’s recycling programme here.