Recent Traffic Sign Changes in Lane Cove

Unless you are an avid reader of the Lane Cove Council Traffic Advisory Committee Minutes there are some recent traffic sign changes in Lane Cove that you might have failed to notice. Don’t worry you are not alone!! Our roving reporters have noticed the changes (thank god for our fabulous and observant roving reporters).

Stop Sign at Burns Bay Road and Centennial Avenue, Lane Cove West

A stop sign has now replaced the give way sign at this intersection. You must now come to a complete halt before entering Centennial Avenue.

Traffic Signs

Removal of Left Turn on Red Light Permitted at Figtree Street and Centennial Avenue, Lane Cove West

You were once permitted to turn left with care at this intersection. This sign has now been replaced with a stop sign under the lights. You must now only turn left when the lights are green.

Traffic Signs

Removal of Four Way Stop Signs at Cox’s Lane and Finlayson Street, Lane Cove

This intersection use to stump everyone with its four stop signs. There are now only stops signs on Finlayson Street. If you are driving along Cox’s Lane you have right of way. This change was implemented a few months ago but we thought we would remind you about the change.

traffic signs

Changes in the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park, Lane Cove – Cars to Give Way to Cars entering the Car Park

If you are in the car park you now must give way to cars entering the car park (which actually is counter intuitive to the rule that you always give way to your right)

give way rosenthal

Dorritt Street, Lane Cove

Pedestrians have long complained that at night it’s hard to see the pedestrian crossing at the corner of Dorritt Street and Longueville Road. Residents have asked for better lighting to be installed. Unfortunately, better lighting has not been installed but a jazzy yellow pedestrian crossing sign is now in place.


Are there any other recent traffic changes that we should know about??

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