Yarn Bombing in Lane Cove

brave yarn bomb

You might have recently seen some “Yarn Bombs” around Lane Cove. These Yarn Bombs have uplifting messages and are there to make you smile. ITC tracked down the person behind the Lane Cove Yarn Bombs and asked her to tell us all about the Yarn Bombs.

Who is the mysterious Lane Cove Yarn Bomber?

My name is Cee, aka Cecilia, aka ‘Paint the Town Yarn”. I’m a Lane Cove local, mum of two, Social Worker, student, animal lover, hippy at heart, and creator of yarn bombs!

What is Yarn Bombing?

Yarn bombing is a form of public/street art where you cover something in the environment, a pole, bollard or a tree, with a knitted or crocheted creation. Yarn bombing often aims to add colour and creativity to otherwise dull or boring urban environments, but can also help enhance the beauty that is already there.
Yarn-bombers measure up prospective poles/trees, then go home to design and create their piece. Once these pieces have been completed they are then installed to the pole/tree by being sewn on, usually under the cover of darkness to avoid being caught!

What inspired you to start?

I learnt to knit as a child (thanks Gran) and began to teach myself more complex knitting techniques about 10 years ago (thanks Google) and I’ve only just taught myself to crochet a few months ago. I have always admired other people’s yarn bombs and have even had a book about yarn bombing sitting on my shelf for many years. However, it was only earlier this year that I thought to myself “what are you waiting for, just make one and see how it goes”. I did my first yarn bomb (installed at the bus interchange in Lane Cove) to bring hope and colour to all the commuters who line up every day for the bus to work.

I want to make people smile, I want to surprise people, and I want to remind people that there is creativity and kindness in the world. I want people to see my yarn bombs and realise that amongst the noise and the rush, the traffic, the advertisements, the grey and smog, that there are human beings out there who are trying to reach through it all and offer a message of support and connectedness.

I am most inspired when I can see an opportunity to make an impact on people’s feelings of self-worth and value. I think it’s one thing to verbally tell someone that they are “brave, strong, kind and loved”, but for someone to see it knitted or embroidered into a piece of handmade artwork that has taken many hours to create and share… I think that message hits home at a different level. I have suffered from depression for over half my life. I have some incredible friends and support people who have really rallied around me during a particularly difficult period this year. They never let me forget my worth and my value and also helped me to rediscover my creativity. I wanted to ‘pay it forward’ by sharing these messages with the people in my community, and beyond. I know that there are people out there struggling and I hope that reminders to “stand tall” and “breathe” will have some impact, however small.

I see the yarn bombs that I create as a gift to everyone who sees them, they take many hours of work and many balls of yarn to complete and there is love in every stitch!


Where can we see your creations – both out in Lane Cove and online?

Yarn bombs don’t last forever. Some get taken down or stolen. Others begin to deteriorate and fade in the sun and rain. The more yarn bombs I create the more I am learning about which yarns are best to use and which techniques will result in the best chance of a piece lasting as long as possible. Because of this not all the yarn bombs I’ve done are still there, but most have been photographed and shared on my instagram page @paint_the_town_yarn

Currently there is a yarn bomb outside Lane Cove public school (which is starting to look a bit sad… I’m working on a replacement at the moment, as I know this has been a community favourite). My first ever yarn bomb at the bus interchange is still there, but again looking a little worse for wear. My reminder to “stand tall” is outside the entrance to Lane Cove Library and my reminder to “breathe” is on the corner of Longueville and Epping roads. You can also find a photograph of my “love is love” yarn bomb at the crossing between 71 Longueville Road and the Subway. I also have a yarn bomb outside the library that is about to get a re-design so keep your eyes peeled!

lane cove week yarn bomb love is love

I have installed other yarn bombs around Sydney and I’ve also done some yarn bombing and fibre art as part of festivals and corporate events. I’m part of a really tough, badass group of women who regularly come together to create fibre art and yarn bomb together, led by my dear friend and inspiration Jane Balke Andersen aka Queen Babs (@queen_babs).


Do you sell your product?

I am available for hire if you would like a custom yarn bomb created for a friend or loved one… why send flowers when you can give someone a yarn bombed pole outside their work or home? You can email me at [email protected] or follow my adventures on Instagram @paint_the_town_yarn for any queries, questions or collaborations.

STOP PRESS: Cee has launched a website and you can order customised yarn bombs from her! More info HERE


Do you offer lessons on knitting/yarning?

I don’t currently offer lessons in knitting but I’m happy to offer tips/advice or basic lessons to people who may be interested.

How long have you lived in the Lane Cove Council Area?

When I met my (now) husband 12 years ago he was a Lane Cove local so I got to know the area really well at that stage. After a short stint in Drummoyne as newlyweds we both moved back to Lane Cove about 7 years ago and have lived here, now with our two kids, ever since.

What is your favourite thing to do in Lane Cove?

Apart from yarn bombing in Lane Cove I would say my favourite thing to do is have coffees, meet all the local dogs and spend time in nature.

What do you think could make the Lane Cove area even better?

More yarn bombs!! The culture of Lane Cove has changed a lot in the 12 years since I first came here. I think suburbs and council areas should always be looking to grow and evolve with their locals and I hope that Lane Cove continues to do this as we see a greater diversity in our residents and locals.

Anything else you would like to tell us?

I would love to say thank you to “In the Cove” for your support of my yarn bombs and your help in spreading my message to the broader community. I really love and appreciate what you do in strengthening the community feel in Lane Cove and I’m a big fan. Maybe one day there’ll even be an “In the Cove” inspired yarn bomb! (Too many ideas, too little time!)  ITC NOTE:  We would love love love an ITC Yarn Bomb!!

yarn bombing

Check out Cee’s website here.

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