Lane Cove – What do your prefer Uber or Taxi?

ITC has never taken an Uber.  We have however over the years taken many taxis from Lane Cove to the city or the airport.

So which is better Uber or a Taxi?

Last week ITC’s sister came to stay with ITC in Lane Cove. She wanted to go into the city and had numerous bags, so a bus was not really an option. She told ITC that she was the Uber Queen and how fabulous Uber was and how she preferred them to Taxis. She rattled off an impressive list of reasons why she preferred Uber over Taxis. One of her main arguments was reliability.

ITC was not convinced, part of me feels sorry for the drivers who had paid a licence fee to own and operate a taxi. In New South Wales, the cost of a taxi licence can be around $400,000, and the average driver makes about $10 an hour after costs. When Uber was legalised last year, a compensation package was put together by the NSW State Government.

On Friday afternoon, ITC’s sister ordered an Uber. It came with seven minutes of being ordered. The only problem was that it came with a Police Motorcyclist behind it. The Policeman inspected the Uber car and gave the driver an hour to get off the road due to bald tyres*. ITC’s sister had to then wait for the Uber driver to cancel the trip before she rebooked. It was a lovely piece of irony (and more ironic than any Alannis Morrisette lyric).

To be fair, the next Uber driver turned up in about 8 minutes, he was driving a late model Audi and the driver was lovely. He helped my sister with her bags and was very pleasant and well dressed.

So this was ITC’s first experience of Uber in Lane Cove. You could definitely say it did not go as smoothly as I imagined an Uber experience to be. This got ITC thinking. Why not ask ITC followers which method of transportation do they prefer? Have you had any positive or negative experiences with either Taxis or Uber? So over to you  – what is your experience?

*The Uber driver could have had his tyres changed very quickly and easily, without having to return home, by calling Road Runner Mobile Tyres (situated in Lane Cove West).  They come to your house 24/7 (even on a Sunday).

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