ITC has Lunch at Fourth Fish Seafood Lane Cove

The ITC family loves seafood and we regularly lunch at Fourth Fish (sometimes dinner as well). Since Fourth Fish opened in Lane Cove Plaza, in September 2015, it has been a welcome addition to the Lane Cove dining scene.  Fourth Fish’s owner Li is passionate about his menu.


Li  likes to create a menu that has the seafood classics (like Fisherman’s Basket or to be politically correct Fisherperson’s Basket) and then throw in a modern dish with a twist.  Each month four new specials are added.

Fishermans Baksket


When we last had lunch at Fourth Fish, we bumped into numerous people we knew (including two groups of ITC roving reporters).  We asked them for their honest feedback on Fourth Fish.  There was a common theme running through their comments:

  • Fresh Seafood;
  • Consistent Standard;
  • Well Priced;
  • Accommodating; and
  • Good Service.

When Fourth Fish first opened, the service was a bit patchy.  Now they have got their act together.  The staff are welcoming and they don’t hover.  There is no pressure to eat your meal and quickly move on.

We always enjoy eating at Fourth Fish.  Sure it’s not a fancy Eastern Suburbs seafood restaurant, however, the wait staff don’t look down upon you.  I will never forget the time the ITC family dined with a friend, who did not like seafood, at a particular Eastern Suburbs restaurant.  Now I admit, I had not checked to see if everyone loved seafood, however, there is usually one non-seafood option on most menus.  When we asked the waiter if there was a non-seafood option, he reached down and circled the word seafood on the menu. We were then told if you don’t like seafood, don’t come to their restaurant.  Call me crazy, but I figure there are other ways to explain their menu options to diners!!!  After all the rest of the table loved seafood!! (rant over)

We had lunch on a lovely Lane Cove afternoon, a light breeze was wafting through the plaza and the sky was an azure blue. Mr ITC chose the Monk Fish wrapped with Prosciutto ( a November special).  He rated it very highly. If he could, he would have licked the cauliflower puree off the plate!!  It looked stunning and tasted amazing.


I chose the Char-grilled Tasmanian Octopus with Spicy Chorizo, Orange Oil and an Olive and Fennel salad. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Fennel.  If the Fennel is delicately applied, I love it.  If the Fennel overpowers the dish I am not a big fan (it seems I am not the only one –  when FNQ prepared for Cyclone Yasi the only vegetable left in the supermarket was fennel). I am pleased to say the Fennel was just right and the salad complemented the rich taste of the spicy chorizo and octopus.

Char Grilled Octopus

There are always four side salads (can you see a pattern here?).  We usually go for the Beetroot, Honey, Fetta and Walnut salad, however, it was sold out (not a surprise, given that we sat down for lunch at 2pm).  We ordered the Greek Salad (which we both later agreed we did not need as the main course was filling).


On a previous visit to Fourth Fish, Mr ITC ordered the Ocean Trout Special and again he was not disappointed.


If you want to relax and enjoy a very pleasant meal in the Lane Cove Plaza then you should try Fourth Fish.  In fact, in our business directory, Fourth Fish is searched for more than any other restaurant in Lane Cove.

Psst… so many people have asked Li where they can buy his groovy blue chairs.  The answer is they were imported and he does not know where they are available in Australia. ITC loves the chairs as they add colour to the plaza.


Contact Details
Address: Shop 1/12-16 Burns Bay Road,Lane Cove, NSW 2066
Phone: (02) 9427 4896
Email: [email protected]
Facebook:  Fourth Fish
Instagram:  Fourth Fish
ITC Business Community Supporter:  Fourth Fish

ITC paid for their meals. This is not a sponsored blog. 

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