ITC Investigates – Update on Lane Cove Issues

In the Cove regularly receives requests to investigate or look into issues that impact Lane Cove residents. We thought we would give you an update on some of the issues we have been looking into.

Street Sweeping

Some ITC followers have expressed frustration that Lane Cove Street Sweeping takes place on the same day as the garbage bins are emptied. As the garbage bins are left in the street, the street sweeper cannot properly clean the street.

ITC raised this issue with the Lane Cove Council and received the following response:

Council has worked hard to ensure that there are minimal instances where the collection days coincide with the street sweeping days. With that being said there are two sub-areas which do fall into this category and Council’s street sweeping team will see if it is possible to re-allocate these in the coming months. During the revision of the schedule, it was clear that street sweeping staff are scheduled in such a way that they handsweep any streets which are either not accessible on the day or where there is a collection on their allocated day. Likewise there are a number of residents who are aware and prepared for their allocated day so we are aware that any trial change may result in other residents being unhappy about the change. This is not a defining factor though, if the service can be improved by these two sub-areas being allocated alternate days then we will work towards this.

ITC suggested to the Lane Cove Council that not every resident is aware of their street sweeping days. The street sweeper usually sweeps during business hours and therefore many people may not even know what day or time the street is swept. If more information is given to residents, it’s possible residents could take measures like moving parked cars or sweeping leaves from hard to reach drains.

Have you ever seen your street being hand swept?

Reserve Road Merge onto Gore Hill Freeway

ITC regularly receives pictures of bingles at this merge. ITC (and ITC followers) wrote to the RMS and complained about the merge. In the first instance, the RMS advised their accident data did not reveal any issues with the merger (ironically on the same day ITC was sent photos of two different accidents at the merger). ITC pointed out that the End T2 Lane forced people into the right-hand lane which added to the merger’s degree of difficulty. RMS initial response was that there was not a T2 lane near the merge. ITC managed to persuade them that this was not the case. The End T2 Merge has now been relocated to before the merge and the shrubbery around the merger has been trimmed.

Matters Still Being Investigated

Coles Parking Pods

ITC has received several complaints about the parking pods located in the Coles Car Parking area. On Several occasions people have been booked for exceeding the specified time limit – however, the parking arrival time on their tickets appears inaccurate. The only records confirming where the person was located at the time of the alleged offence are mobile phone records and these are not acceptable evidence. ITC took this issue up with the Lane Cove Council as the complaints related to spots in the same location. ITC is awaiting on the Lane Cove Council’s response.

parking pod

Packed Buses (in particular Bus 251)

ITC is still keeping an eye on the overcrowding bus situation.  It is expected that bus demand will increase once school holidays end.

Dangerous Intersections

ITC is compiling a list of dangerous intersections and keeping an archive of accidents and photos.


Basketball Courts

A group of residents contacted ITC and asked for help in promoting their petition to the Lane Cove Council for a full sized Basketball court to be constructed in Lane Cove. You can sign the petition here.


Epping Road Floral Installation

ITC would love to see the Epping Road Lane Cove floral tribute back on Epping Road – you can sign the petition here.

Image Source: Lane Cove Ne-chan: レインコーブのツツジ/Azaleas at Epping Rd Lane Cove

Do you have an issue you would like ITC to investigate?  Just drop us a line at [email protected].