Greenwich Plate are Keeping Time-Poor Locals Fed!

Greenwich plate

Greenwich Plate is a local meal delivery company for residents in and around Greenwich and Lane Cove.

This meal delivery service offers cooked-to-order, wholesome and nutritious meals that are delivered to the door and ready to enjoy. Its owner, Fiona, founded Greenwich Plate with a goal of providing a healthier alternative to the takeaway options available, for busy families, professionals and other time-poor customers.

We asked Fiona some questions about her business.

Greenwich plate

Why did you start Greenwich Plate?

Before Greenwich Plate, but back when I started working full time in a demanding role while also studying part-time, I often ate on the run and rarely ate home cooked meals. Although I was exercising regularly, my energy levels were low and my immune system was in bad shape.  Until one day I made a conscious effort to eat better, eat fresher and try to slow it down during mealtime, and then I was starting to notice the positive difference this made to my physical well-being.

In starting Greenwich Plate with my partner Dan, I want to promote the concept that eating freshly prepared, wholesome meals on a regular basis can make a huge difference to one’s energy levels and the immune and digestive system – common concerns of many time-poor professionals and busy families.  Dan’s passion for founding food businesses comes from growing up in a family who are (currently third generation) restaurateurs.

One of the goals of Greenwich Plate is to alleviate the time-poor factor in people who still want to have dinner in the comfort in their own home.  We find the takeout ‘quick’ meal options in the area are usually laden with flavour enhancers like MSG, palm sugar, or ingredients that have gone through the deep-fryer – everything that makes food taste ‘yummy’.  However, it is true that most people care about the quality of the meal they put on the dinner table, and they are becoming more knowledgeable than ever in terms of making healthy food choices for themselves and their families.  Greenwich Plate’s meals can help people stay on track of a well-balanced, healthy diet.

Greenwich Plate

What has the feedback been like?

It is still early days for the business.  So far we have been receiving very positive feedback on the food and customer service from customers who have tried our service.  The concept of a freshly prepared ready-to-enjoy meal has been received well with people whom we have shared the idea with.  What we need now is for Greenwich Plate to gauge what the likes and dislikes are with the menu, to continually improve on the service, before we can scale up the business further.

Greenwich plate

Why are you passionate about food?

This goes back to when I was at kid, and my grandfather was a huge influence. I used to be fascinated by my grandfather’s gifts working with produce.  I used to watch him prepare fresh chooks from his farm, and I still have vivid memory, sometime after his funeral, of my aunts going through his possessions when they found his handwritten chicken recipe collection.  My grandfather learnt to make oyster sauce from the tenants who rented out a part of his block to use as a small oyster sauce factory.  During festivals, our family would visit his house in the New Territories (Hong Kong) and he would cook up a massive meal for the extended family.  It wasn’t about an elaborate fare but he had this great ability to make each dish, out of simple ingredients, taste distinctive from one another (flavour and texture wise), and I used to love trying out his recipes.

My parents gave me a lot of freedom to use their kitchen without worrying about me injuring myself.  Since I turned 10, I was given free rein to plan and cook for my own birthday parties.  I developed a favourite past time of picking a cuisine and go through several recipes at a time from cookbooks, and then cook up a feast for my family and friends.

What are your specialities?

“wholesome, fresh and nutritious meals made from scratch, delivered to your door” 

The Greenwich Plate menu has influences from world cuisines that are embraced by the modern Australian family.  From spiced lamb cutlets, to beef rump, miso-glazed salmon, seafood Paella or Indian curry, all our mains come with a ‘good’ grain and a generous portions of greens or salads.  You can expect about 50% of the meal to consist of vegetables, 25% protein and 25% whole grains.

All our menu items are designed to travel a short distance.  What we have found with meal delivery services in recent years is that not everything on a restaurant’s menu is designed to travel the distance, especially in a backpack of a motorcyclist.

The Greenwich Plate menu is prepared to order, with wholesomeness and freshness in mind, to be enjoyed in the comfort of the home.

greenwich plate

Why do you live in Greenwich?

Danny and I lived in “The Colonnades” apartments in Milsons Point for 5 years before moving in our current house in Greenwich, towards the end of 2011. We were looking for a suburb that was a bit quieter and leafier, yet close enough to the city to keep the work commute to 15 minutes.  We were also after somewhere preferably in between our parents’ places in Lindfield and the city.

While a lot quieter, Greenwich is in one way similar to Milsons Point because of its unique ‘village feel’.  We love our place  easy access to buses on River Road, the village shops and a short walk to Wollstonecraft train station.

Check out the current menu HERE.


Greenwich Plate
Address: Greenwich NSW 2065
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0438 102 503
Facebook: Greenwich Plate
Instagram: @greenwichplate

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