NSW State Government Announces More Buses for Lane Cove

Today, Transport for NSW added two more bus services at the shoulder of the morning peak on Route 294 between Lane Cove West and Wynyard Station. They will also introduce a longer “bendy” bus into the mix at the busiest time to increase the available capacity.

Member for Lane Cove Anthony Roberts announced today that a program for staged improvements to bus services in Lane Cove is being finalised to help meet growing demand for public transport in the area,

The improvements follow a meeting between Anthony Roberts, Minister for Transport & Infrastructure Andrew Constance and representatives from Transport for NSW to address the growing popularity of bus services coming through the Lane Cove Interchange.  Last year ITC arranged for Anthony Roberts and Transport for NSW to ride the 251 bus and see the crowded buses and the queues.

anthony roberts

Member for Lane Cove Anthony Roberts said:

“Over recent years, we have seen a significant rise in patronage in the area, centering around the Lane Cove interchange, While this demonstrates that public transport is becoming an increasingly popular transport option, it also means that we have to ramp up our efforts to maintain the level of customer experience. We are not shying away from the challenges that come with increased demand, but we have focused our efforts on improving the way that we help people move around this increasingly important part of Sydney.”

Anthony Roberts also advised that in early May, Transport for NSW will improve customer information on the travel choices available by introducing on-the-ground staff at Lane Cove Interchange.  High profile ‘pink shirts’ will ensure customers are aware of options such as the Pacific Highway bus services, which connect with Sydney Trains services at St Leonards to Wynyard.

In addition, on 4 June Transport for NSW will be introducing the new Route 530 between Burwood and Chatswood which will increase the number of services on Burns Bay Road leading to the interchange.

Member for Lane Cove Anthony Roberts also said:

“This is building on initiatives taken in 2016 in delivering extra services and providing a better spaced timetable, but will require an ongoing commitment to improving services. Through 2017, Transport for NSW will investigate opportunities to add extra services or additional bendy buses to services operating through Lane Cove, recognising that ongoing development in the Mowbray Road and Linley Point areas.”

We hope that the monitoring will take place at appropriate times.  ITC was contacted today by several Lane Cove Commuters who were disappointed to see State Government transport inspectors counting passenger numbers this morning (24th April).  Many schools have not started back and many people took the day off to have a four day weekend.

bus inspector

This is a great start, but let’s all keep the pressure on to further improve public transport.  Please let ITC know if the further buses are easing public transport issues in Lane Cove.    NSW State Government also has to look at the buses leaving the city.  ITC has been advised that these buses are packed.  Please send us photos of any overcrowding on the City/Lane Cove route.

This announcement has come in the same week that Lane Cove Labor has organised a Public Forum on Overcrowding of Buses in Lane Cove.  You can find details of this event here.

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