Introducing Pointy Pembleton – A Dog that will Raise Funds for Greyhound Rescue

Pointy Pembleton

Lane Cove is home to a number of dedicated people who volunteer their time to some great causes. This week is National Volunteer Week, so we decided that we should tell you all about Lane Cove local Natalie Panzarino and her mission to raise money to rescue greyhounds. Some of you may already know Natalie as she is also the driving force behind a Lane Cove initiative called Got a Pen? This charity provides much-needed stationery items to disadvantaged families.

What is Natalie Doing to Raise Funds for Greyhound Rescue?

Natalie has worked with Fer Wicker to come up with the cutest way to raise funds for Greyhound Rescue: his name is Pointy Pembleton. Nat, an English teacher and mother of two, and Fer Wicker, illustrator, bring Pointy Pembleton – picture book hero – to life on the pages of a whimsical, beautifully written book with gorgeous watercolor illustrations. Pointy Pembleton Visits the Dog Park, is about a gregarious greyhound character who shows children how to accept others that may be a little different.

So how do you raise enough money to print, market and distribute a book – you crowd fund!

The campaign aims to raise $15,000 to print, market and distribute 2,000 copies of the book. Money from the sale of each book will be donated to Greyhound Rescue Inc.

To pitch in, you can pre-order the book via their crowdfunding page – or choose to contribute in return for some incredible, one-of-a-kind rewards.


Pointy Pembleton

“We are two Greyhound Rescue volunteers who want to use our skills to raise funds in an innovative and fun new way. Pointy Pembleton teaches children that friendship can sometimes take you by surprise,” said Nat Panzarino, author.

“We want to use our skills, not only raise funds for dogs in desperate need, but also to raise awareness about greyhounds as family pets. They are wonderful, gentle dogs and they make amazing family pets,” said Fer.

Pointy Pembleton


There are thousands of greyhounds who are unloved, without a family of their own.

Pointy Pembleton

“No longer wanted by the racing industry, most greyhounds are simply killed. This is referred to by the industry as ‘wastage’,” said Nat.

Rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of retired racing greyhounds in an expensive undertaking.

“Ongoing funds are required for organisations like Greyhound Rescue to continue finding loving homes. These dogs deserve as much love as a poodle or a pug or a chihuahua,” said Fer.

So help out a greyhound today by pre-ordering a copy of Pointy Pembleton

Campaign link:

Well done Nat and Fer – you are truly fabulous Volunteers!!!!

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