Crayons is in Lane Cove – Down the road at Lane Cove West


ITC loves celebrating great ideas that started in Lane Cove. One of those great ideas is Crayons. Many of you may remember Crayons used to be located in the Lane Cove Village Plaza (where Super Mix Juicery is now located). Miss ITC loved that shop. She could not wait to run into the store and sit at their tiny table and try out all the different educational toys. ITC used to joke with Jono (the owner) that they might have to start charging her rent.

Crayons wanted to stay in Lane Cove Village but they needed a bigger store and a place for workshops (Miss ITC did a Minecraft workshop at Crayons and loved it). So they moved out of Lane Cove Plaza and into Lane Cove West Business Park. That worked really well, as the owners live in Lane Cove and their children go to school in Lane Cove. Last Christmas ITC purchased all of her children’s gifts at Crayons.

What is Crayons?

Crayons have a huge range of educational toys to stimulate the mind. Crayons is an Australian owned family business born out of the frustration of an evidently limited range of fun educational activities, gifts, toys and technologies suitable for babies, toddlers, children and early teens. The owners (Jono and Sheyne) have qualifications in education and technology and were particularly inspired by Sir Ken Robinson, an English author and children’s education and creativity expert, who firmly believes that we need to teach children to create, allow them to make mistakes and think more broadly about the world we live in. They are especially passionate about helping children to learn that their imaginations and creativity are limitless.

What do Crayons sell?

Possibly the question should be – What do Crayons NOT sell? They have an amazing list of educational and mind stimulating toys on their website. However, they take their time in deciding what to stock and Jono and Sheyne will only stock products that foster education and creativity. We have listed below the different brands they stock.

How Do I Buy From Crayons?

Crayons is a local business. They are now located in Lane Cove West Business Park. You can check out their entire range on their website. Lane Cove locals can place a order online and then pick up the order from Crayons at your convenience (business hours are on their website). If that does not work for you, any orders over $100 have free delivery. Why not get together with your neighbours, make a bulk order (ie over $100) and it will be delivered for free (so easy).

It is a fab way to shop online (but still be local). ITC has subscribed to their newsletter and it is packed full of gift giving ideas (you can subscribe on their website – the newsletter sign up form is at the bottom of their page – right hand side).

Why is Crayons such a good place to buy toys for kids?

Crayons have educational activities, gifts, toys and technologies suitable for babies, toddlers, children and early teens. They also have the best stocking stuffers (which are easy to send via the post as they are small and light). This is a mum and dad business that supports the local community. They very kindly donated to North Shore Mums Smiles2U Christmas Toy Drive. When you buy local you are supporting the community.

So next time you need to shop for toys: think Crayons!!  By the way, does anyone else have huge Lego pirate envy? Have you shopped at Crayons – what did you like about shopping at Crayons?


Contact Details

Address:  2/79-85 Mars Road  Lane Cove, Sydney NSW, Australia, 2066
Phone: 1300 232 111
Email: [email protected]
Facebook:  Crayons

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help, just email us at [email protected]

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