Coles Lane Cove Drops the Ball on Trolley Collections

In the Cove followers are not happy about the number of Coles Supermarket Trolleys spread around Lane Cove.  Coles Lane Cove (unlike Woolworths) does not have a coin token system.   There is no incentive for Coles shoppers to return trolleys. It is not all Coles fault, if a person wants to take a Coles supermarket trolley home with them, they should return them rather than leaving them in the street.

The ITC family regularly walks up to Lane Cove to do our shopping and we take our own trolley with us (you know the one like your Nanna use to have).  Coles could sell these trolleys and encourage shoppers to use them as an alternative to taking home a Coles supermarket trolley.  This is also another way of reducing plastic bag use and consistent with the #waronwaste movement.


How to Report Abandoned Trolleys

Trolleys are regularly left all over the Lane Cove Plaza and in the surrounding streets.  ITC has been posting pictures of the trolleys on Twitter and asking Coles to lift its game.  The standard response is that abandoned trolleys can be reported to the 1800 number.

You can report an abandoned trolley:

  1. by calling 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553);
  2. downloading the free Trolley Collect App;
  3. report via the Snap Send Solve app or website; and
  4. or filling out the online form.

Coles advises that reported trolleys will be collected within 24 hours.


Coles Does Not Participate in Trolley Tracker

Coles is not part of Trolley Tracker (an online system that encourages people to report abandoned trolleys).   When asked on their Facebook page why they were not part of Trolley Tracker Coles responded as follows:

Coles is not part of Trolley Tracker, as we have our own trolley collection system in place. Any abandoned Coles trolleys can be reported to the 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553) team, who will organise collection within 24 hours. If you send us a private message with the address of the abandoned trolley you’ve mentioned, we’ll pass this on for you.

Coles has to lift its game and organise more trolley collections around the plaza during the day and around the streets.  ITC has seen some trolleys in the same location for a week (we have reported them to Coles).  Their system is not working and the streets of Lane Cove have become a dumping ground for Coles trolleys.  ITC tried to call the Coles Lane Cove store on numerous occasions but they did not answer the phone.


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