The Lane Cove War on Trolleys

Photo by Nicholas Blyth

Many residents have contacted In the Cove about the number of abandoned Trolleys around Lane Cove. Whenever ITC gets a report, we advise the supermarket of the issue. The complaints are mostly about abandoned Coles Trolleys. It seems that Coles is just not getting on board with ensuring their trolleys are picked up from Lane Cove streets.

In the Cove asked the Lane Cove Council to be more proactive in this matter. Lane Cove Council has now implemented a procedure of impounding abandoned trolleys. Lane Cove Council have now impounded 90 trolleys.

Last week they tested out the 1800-TROLLEYS service to see if this referral service provided by Coles was working. The trolleys reported by the Council were not collected. As a result, Lane Cove Council is undertaking daily collections this week and will be following up with Coles to address the issue.

Lane Cove Council is of the view that the increase in the number of abandoned trolleys is being replicated across a number of local government areas due to changes in staff/hours/process/areas of collection.

ITC appreciates that the people who abandon the trolleys are also to blame. However, Coles should be working out a way of encouraging those shoppers to use their own shop and go trolleys (see below).

Contact Coles

Please take the time to fill out the Coles online feedback form here. Let Coles know they need to lift their game.

How to Report Abandoned Coles Trolleys

You can report an abandoned trolley:

  1. by calling 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553);
  2. report via the Snap Send Solve app or website; and
  3. or filling out the online form.


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