Lane Cove Local – Caroline Naran Celebrating Femininity, Beauty and Glamour

In the Cove loves finding out about local entrepreneurs. Recently, we were fortunate enough to find out about lingerie designer Caroline Naran from Naran Lingerie. Once we saw Caroline’s designs we had to find out more. Naran Lingerie is unique; it is where art meets fashion.  Caroline designs all the lingerie using her amazing artistic talents.

We are also extremely excited to announce that Susie from Bella Cove Lingerie is proudly supporting Australian designed lingerie by stocking Caroline’s labels. Way to go Susie!! We asked Caroline to tell us a little bit about her business.


Why did you Decide to Design Lingerie?

I am not sure I chose it, more it chose me!  It’s funny how things work out sometimes.  It was a combination of fate and what I am naturally drawn to. 

I had written a factory report on Bendon, in New Zealand, as part of my application into Wellington’s Fashion Design Course many years ago. Bendon had their own factories in NZ at that time, I was shown the process from the design room to the cutting table, the machinists, warehousing, sales, and marketing.  I was impressed. I loved the process, the detail and, most importantly the lace.  This memory stayed with me.

It wasn’t until an ex-colleague of mine phoned and said Bendon were looking for a menswear pattern maker that the opportunity presented itself.  Funnily enough, I was initially employed to do menswear, which I never did! I started working at Bendon in 1992!

What I love about lingerie design are the materials I get to work with, beautiful lace, embroideries and fabrics, and the wonderful people that produce them.  It’s fabulous to work with them to produce something I have imagined and drawn, quite magical really!

I love the technical skill involved in fitting to the body and the challenges this brings.  It is often about problem solving, which I find extremely rewarding.


What is your Background in the Clothing/Lingerie or Manufacturing industry?

I started my career working as a women’s wear pattern maker for a women’s clothing brand in Auckland in 1991 called Apparel Corp. I then joined lingerie manufacturer and retailer, Bendon where  I worked  my way up from Pattern  Maker to Senior Designer  for Elle Macpherson Intimates for a number of years. I then made the move to Sydney with my family in 2005, where I worked  for Pleasure State as Senior Designer for White Label from its inception in 2005.  

In 2012, I  decided  to take a break from the fashion industry;  I knew then that I needed  to take some  time and space from  the industry, to create and explore.  I focused  on my illustrations, merging my love of nature  and surroundings from  my childhood with a touch  of fantasy and magic.  I launched Naran Lingerie earlier this year using my illustrations in the fabric choices.

What is Naran Lingerie and Why is it Different?

Naran Lingerie is a celebration of femininity, beauty, and glamour.  It is a fusion of art and design. I design the embroideries and draw the artwork for the prints and the stretch Italian jacquard.  It has a wonderful handcrafted bespoke feel to the collection. The artworks are original and unique and have been combined with superior fabrics, lace, ribbons, and bows.  Naran Lingerie is crafted, sensual and elegant.

Naran Lingerie

How Long Did it Take to Develop the Range?

A collection takes a year to develop.   This is from initial sketches to being available for purchase on the shop floor.  It is a very detailed process. Every piece of each garment is thoughtfully designed and crafted to make something truly unique. Naran Lingerie is where art meets fashion.

What Has Been the Feedback on the Range?

The feedback has been extremely positive.  The most common comment is “it’s so beautiful!”

It is extremely encouraging to get such positive feedback.  Creating a new brand is a lot of hard work, so every encouraging comment means a lot!!!!

Where Can You Buy the Range in Lane Cove?

From the wonderful ladies at Bella Cove! Shop 6 / 105 Longueville Road. Lane Cove.

How Long Have You Lived in Greenwich*?

We have lived in Lane Cove/Greenwich for 11 years.  It has been a great place to raise a family – great schools, friendly community, close to the city and fantastic beaches, and we must mention “The Greenwich Games” – Go Commerce!!!

*Greenwich is located (for now) in the Lane Cove Council Area.

Why Did you Decide to Live in the Lane Cove Council Area?

We were new to Australia. Fate led us to Lane Cove, it was a chance meeting with a real estate agent on the street in Lane Cove.  He saw me looking at the properties in the window of his agency and asked me what I was looking for! We rented for 1 year to see what the area was like, loved it and have not left!

Who is Caroline Naran?

naran lingerie

Well done Caroline Naran!!  It’s not easy starting a fashion range from scratch.  We are super impressed.  We also think that there will be some super impressed ladies out there if a partner/spouse/significant other purchased Naran Lingerie for their loved one this Christmas.

Contact Details

Instagram: Naranlingerie
Facebook: Naranlingerie

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