Five Things you should Remember when Moving House

Do you know where the largest self storage facility on Sydney’s North Shore is located? It is Storage King Lane Cove! The team at Storage King are experts on everything to do with storage, not to mention removals, and they’ve shared some of their expert advice on some things not to forget next time you’re on the move.

There are always some things you simply forget to think about when moving house 

The upside of moving to a new house is the exhilaration and sheer excitement that comes with change – maybe it’s to new beginnings or to a new neighbourhood with more space.

Then there’s the stuff you’re bound to forget, so here’s five things to keep in mind that may not be on anyone’s checklist.

  1. Packing takes some planning

It’s too easy to fall into a trap of thinking it’ll only take a few hours. Suddenly, you realise you’re short on packing materials. You haven’t got enough paper to wrap your glassware. You figured the big Tea Chest size boxes are best but now you can’t lift the one with the books in it.

  1. Dismantling things is often harder than assembling them

Did you get that cupboard or chest of drawers at Ikea? OK, so where’s the Allen Key? Once you’ve located the Allen Key and you’ve moved onto the bed frame, you’re looking for the Phillips Head Screwdriver, right? Don’t give up and reach for the hammer. Before starting, take a moment to look at the things in the house you might need to dismantle and identify, early, what tools you might need.

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  1. Many hands make light work but too many cooks spoil the broth

At first all your friends say that they’ll come and help pack. You’ve been up since 7 and they arrive at 10. They bring wine and beer, sausages for the BBQ, they’ve saved you the trouble of cooking… they take over the kitchen – “don’t worry we’ll pack that tomorrow” – and before you know it it’s lunchtime, celebration time. Now you’re agreeing to pick up where you left off tomorrow. All good. Cheers.

  1. People are going to see your stuff

Before that celebratory BBQ starts… Oh-o! Is that your best friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend helping to pack up your underwear drawer? No!!!!! Plan what you want your friends to help with. Give that pesky Allen Key to your friend who is handy with tools and pack your own knickers and socks.

  1. You’re going to be broke for a few weeks

Once you’ve bought a couple more boxes, a new Allen Key and screwdriver, paid for lunch for your freeloading friends, and hired two extra blokes to move the things you didn’t realise were quite as heavy as they are, you’re going to be broke for a couple of weeks. So plan for that too.

And we can help as well.

We can help you with checklists of things to do – everything from redirecting mail to getting the gas and electricity turned on.  And there’s hints and tips on our website too. We can also assist with helping you find a good removalist and so on. And of course, we can help you store the things you want to keep but don’t have room for, or want to sell but don’t have time for at the present.

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Come and see us, Storage King, 27 Mars Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066 (located in the Lane Cove West Business Park, entry via Epping Road). If you are unable to visit our site then call us on 9420 2220.

Address: 27 Mars Road, Lane Cove West NSW 2066
Phone: 02 9420 2220
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