Lane Cove – Authorised Pink Slip Providers

Your car is due for registration and you have left it to the last minute.  Does this scenario sound familiar?  We know it does, as we receive emails from people asking where they can quickly obtain a pink slip (like the next day).

When do you need a Pink Slip (now called Vehicle Safety Check) Certificate or E Safety Check)?


Most light vehicles (up to 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass), including cars, motorcycles, trailers and caravans, that are less than five years old, don’t need an inspection for renewal. Your registration renewal notice will state whether or not you need an inspection. A pink slip is valid for 30 days from date of issue, so make sure you get your pink slip around the same time that your registration is due, otherwise you will have to go back and get another pink slip. If you sell your car you are  required to provide the new owner with a safety inspection report. In these cases, the inspection report cannot be more than 42 days old on the day of sale.

Where can I obtain a Pink Slip?

A pink slip can only be obtained from an authorised inspector.  For a full list of authorised inspectors in the Lane Cove Area visit this website.  NRMA also provides mobile vans that come out for pink slips.

How much does it cost?

There is a standard fee for Pink Slips which is $41.00 (max). However some authorised inspection stations do have deals.

What happens if my car fails the inspection?

There is nothing worse than failing the inspection.  It is a bit like being told your child has nits.  If a problem is found you will be issued with a white slip and you 14 days to have the car repaired and rechecked.

Why do cars fail the inspection?

We spoke to three authorised vehicle inspectors and they told us the top two reasons that a vehicle fails inspections is tyres and oil leaks.

ITC Facebook Fans recommendations

When we have asked people to advise where they obtain their Pink Slips in Lane Cove these names constantly crop up.

Caltex Northwood 7 Northwood Road Longueville Phone 9427 2588

HG Motors 533 Mowbray Road Lane Cove Phone 9418 6537

Randalls of Lane Cove 41 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove Phone 9427 0866

I need new tyres urgently what do I do?

Picture this, you have only a few days left to obtain your pink slip and register your car for the year. You have a feeling your tyres might need to be changed before you pass your pink slip test. You don’t really want to wait around at a tyre place and take time off work to get your tyres replaced.If that is a scenario you know well, we have the solution for you: and a solution that the ITC family has used with great success. Road Runner Mobile Tyre Service comes to your house 7 days a week (yes that is correct even on a Sunday). to change and balance your tyres.  Yes, they do charge a small call out fee, but there tyre prices ares very competitive and on a par with the big boys (ITC knows as she checked the prices to compare the prices charged by Road Runner).

Facebook:  Road Runner Mobile Tyres
Phone:  1800 786 637
Head Office:  Unit 14/85 Mars Road Lane Cove West

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We hope that answers some of your questions and makes it easier to obtain a pink slip in Lane Cove.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or on instagram