Here is Your Chance to Name the New Rosenthal Park Lane Cove

In 2020 the Rosenthal Car Park Project will be finished.  It will be a great new community asset.  The old Rosenthal Car Park lot will be converted into a shopping complex housing Coles and Aldi (with 500 underground car spaces).  On the top of the centre, there will be a new green community space.

The community space will be a place where there is plenty of greenery, play equipment, trees, a BBQ and an amphitheater.

Lane Cove Council would like Lane Cove residents to suggest a new name for this vibrant new space.

Potential names are to be positive and represent the values of our community today and into the future.  So for all of you who want to say Parky McParkface or Rosy McRosenthal – forget it.  However, the name can celebrate a local person, the local landscape or anything that is quintessentially Lane Cove.

You can suggest your name here. 

Feel free to include a brief note on the inspiration for your suggestion, please include this when prompted in the online submission.

Council is seeking your ideas by Sunday 3 June 2018.

The Lane Cove Council will review the potential names and create a shortlist for further community consultation.

Background information

View the Brand Values of the Rosenthal Project

Find out more on the Rosenthal Project website

So go for it and come up with a name that will make a lasting impression.  Visualise yourself sitting on the grass, enjoying a coffee and catching up with friends.

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