Lane Cove Local Stylish Sarah Clare is a Masterchef 2018 Finalist

ITC has been inundated with roving reporters letting us know that Lane Cove local Sarah Clare is a Masterchef finalist.  Sarah is a frequent visitor to the Lane Cove Plaza.  She is hard to miss with her flowing red locks and stylish vintage clothes.  We have featured Sarah as local of the day on a few occasions as she is always so beautifully dressed.

ITC was delighted when we saw Sarah on Masterchef.  Who knew she was a talented cook? We had heard on the grapevine that she makes a mean cocktail but nothing about cooking.  We tracked down Sarah and asked her a few questions.

Why Did You Apply for Masterchef?

My husband, Doug who is a chef a Porteno, signed me up for Masterchef.  It was the first time I applied.

Why Did you Choose Wallaby with Wilderness as Your Signature Dish?

I cook a lot of Wallaby when I’m visiting my dad in Tasmania and my dad makes delicious blackberry wine and I love using it for cooking!  The recipe for the dish is on the Masterchef site here.


[ITC Note:  This is not the first time ITC has spotted Sarah on TV.  ITC was watching an episode of Back Roads about the seaside hamlet of Cygnet in southern Tasmania’s Huon Valley and Sarah was on the show visiting her Dad.  You can view this episode here]

Sarah Clare on Back Roads Source: ABC TV

Where Does This Love for Cooking Come From?

I have been cooking with my Dad since I was 15.  I am a home cook and I have no formal training. I am married to a Brazilian Chef, so I love making South American food with lots of flavour.  I prefer to cook savoury dishes.


Why Did You Decide to Live in Lane Cove?

I love Lane Cove, I was 5 months pregnant with Elvis when we moved here and it just seemed like a great place to raise a family.  I love Vintage Clothes Shopping in Lane Cove.

Was It Hard to Film Masterchef in Melbourne?

It was really hard being away from my family, there were MANY tears but I think it was worth it in the long run.  I would one day like to run a restaurant with my husband.

What is Your Favourite Lane Cove Restaurant?

We often take Elvis to Via Napoli after swimming, the staff are so lovely and the food is good.

Lane Cove is becoming a Foodie Destination – Which New Restaurant Are You Excited About?

I love Middle Eastern Food – so very excited about Lillah opening.

We are so looking forward to following Sarah’s Masterchef journey.  You can follow her progress at @sarahclarecooks

We noticed that in the rundown of contestants on Pedestrian TV they were claiming Sarah as a Tasmanian:

Much to my chagrin, not a Tasmanian. But due to a lack of Tasmanians in this competition, and the fact she name-dropped Bruny Island during her judge’s audition, I – as an authorised Tasmanian – hereby claim her as one of our own for the purposes of this MasterChef season. Welcome to the Apple Isle, Sarah. Your passport is in the mail.

We are happy to say Sarah has dual citizenship Tassie and Lane Cove.  At least in Masterchef, you don’t have to resign if you have dual citizenship.

Sarah, Tutti and CecilyAnna ITC Locals of the Day in June 2017

Go Sarah Go – the whole of Lane Cove is behind you – leave her a note on our FB page and wish her luck.

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