Local Doctors Saves Lives with Sportsground Defibrillator

Over the last couple of years, the Lane Cove Council has rolled out a programme of installing defibrillators at local sports grounds and high traffic public areas.

Two Weeks ago this programme saved a man’s life.  The St Michael’s Football Club regularly plays at Kingsford Smith Oval.  They have over 1400 players registered in the Over 35’s Divisions.  Recently St Michael’s Football Club players were involved in two life-saving events when players collapsed mid-game.

Both players had suffered sudden cardiac arrests. Both players would have died without the immediate intervention of St Michaels’ players and very importantly the use of available Defibrillators to restart their hearts. Both players reached hospital alive and had successful emergency surgery. They are both in recovery.

Professor Dominic Fitzgerald, Richard Hawtin and Pete Grantham were all involved in helping a player but on both occasions, Dr. John Galicek was involved. John and Dominic are both Doctors and knew exactly what to do. 

It’s great that a medical professional was available, however, Dr. Galicek said the machines are so sophisticated they talk to you and tell you exactly what to do, meaning all players would be able to operate them if required.

These machines are vital, over 33,000 Australians experience a cardiac incident every year and early access to CPR and defibrillation can assist survival rates by up to 75 percent.

It is a scary statistic that 59% of cardiac arrest patients in NSW alone are not able to be revived by the time the ambulance team arrives to examine the patient. Receiving early CPR  significantly increases a victim’s chance of survival, as defibrillation is the only thing that will restart the heart.

Defib Machine at Kingsford Smith Oval

In a Facebook post the St Michael’s Football Club stated:

“The bad news is that there are very few north shore sports grounds with installed Defibs (happily several of the Lane Cove grounds do have them), despite regular lobbying to Councils by NSFA and so our club is currently discussing the details of how to purchase some portable machines that will be present at future matches. These items are not cheap but given their repeatedly proven ability to save lives on football fields over the last couple of years we think it prudent to acquire some in the very near future.”

The Lane Cove Council provided In the Cove with a full list of Defibrillator locations in Lane Cove Council run locations.

Blackman Park

Living and Learning Centre

Hughes Park

Pottery Green Oval

Lane Cove Council Civic Centre

Lane Cove Library

Kindy Cove

Lower Field – Blackman Park

Bob Campbell Oval (Gore Creek)

Burns Bay Reserve

Kingsford Smith Oval

Tantallon Oval

There are also machines at the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre and Greenwich Baths maintained by the operators of those facilities.

Lane Cove Council will be soon installing a device in the Lane Cove Plaza. In addition to the above list, Lane Cove Council has provided funding for a machine to be installed at the Lane Cove Men’s Shed and has also provided letters of support for groups submitting grant applications to NSW Office of Sport.  

The Local Sports Defibrillator Grant Program allocates $4 million over four years to assist sporting clubs across NSW in the purchase and maintenance of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs).  Applications closed for the first round of grants in December last year.  However, if you sign up for the grants alert newsletter here you will be notified when another round of funding becomes available.

Do you know of a public place in Lane Cove that needs a Defibrillator?

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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